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I Agree With Michael Savage: Obama Is A Marxist and You Need To Know Why!

July 2, 2012

I Agree With Michael Savage: Obama Is A Marxist Trying to Destroy America!

I Thank John Plume for sending this Washington Times article to me.

Michael Savage can be off-putting to some, but I think he is right on the money on this matter. So does Jeffrey T. Kuhner, the author of this very powerful article.

This is another”must-read” for those who love America and wish to improve it in ways intended by our Founding Fathers.

Please invest the time to inform yourself about this extraordinarily important matter.

VTM,  7/2/12

Obama’s Death Pool: The Mark of a Marxist?

June 11, 2012

Obama’s Death Pool: The Mark of a Marxist?

I am not convinced about the implications of these allegations, but I am very concerned.

Marxist leaders commonly use such tactics and as far as I am concerned President Obama is a Marxist.

You need to be aware of the following information.

VTM, 6/11/12

P.S. My laptop was down for the second weekend. I hate not being able to blog on the weekends I am on my boat. I hope it is fixed by the next weekend!

I want to thank Lee Hornack for sending me information about this line of concern regarding our President.

The Astonishing Marxist Transformation Of America!

April 21, 2012

The Astonishing Marxist Transformation Of America!

Robert Chandler has written two books of great importance to the survival of America. Chandler is a retired Air Force Colonel who has a Ph.D. in Political Science. He is a veteran of the Vietnam War.

One book is entitled The Shadow World: Resurgent Russian, The Global New Left, and Radical Islam. The other is: How Marxism Has Infiltrated The Catholic Church.

What follows are quotes and paraphrases taken from an introduction to How Marxism Has Infiltrated The Catholic Church, written by Cliff Kincaid, President of America’s Survival, Inc.

It is reported that Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci’s writings appeared in the U.S. market, published by Carl Marzani, a former KBG agent who was subsidized by the KGB. The book was entitled: The Open Marxism of Antonio Gramsci (1957).

Kincaid writes:

“Christianity is considered a prime target in preparing the way for a ‘Marxized America’, since religion, as an independent center of societal values, stands in the way of creating a new culture based on what is deceptively called ‘social justice’ and ‘change’. Religion, in the Gramsci view, is the foundation for the Western values of individual liberty, private property, and the traditional family, and must be abolished in order for the new communist society to emerge”.(p.5)

“Religious faith was singled out by Gramsci as being especially troublesome, since Christianity has a tendency to create an ‘apolitical fatalism’ among the oppressed.  He believed that Catholicism and Christianity must be combated through a strategy of driving a wedge between the churches and their followers to establish a new civil society”. (p.5)

“The nuclear family is a main target. Efforts are made to break a child away from his/her parents’ way of life and values through promotion of acceptance of abortion, homosexuality, same-sex ‘marriage’, unmarried adult living arrangements, and sexualizing child behavior. Catholicism and Christianity, as shown in Europe’s fall into a dark pit of socialism and secularism, also would have to be undermined in order to transform American Culture. Socialism and secularism are partners in ‘Marxizing the inner man.’ For the progressives-socialist-Marxists conducting the subversive drive toward ‘social justice’ in America, the values embodied in Catholicism and Christianity stand in the way of their success and therefore must be destroyed”. (p.11)

I have a natural distrust of conspiracy theories, and I am very cautious about such things. As a psychologist, I have worked extensively with clients who suffer from various forms of delusional disorder. If you buy-in to their assumptions, the delusions can be quite convincing. With all such things intense reality testing is ones only defense.

Regarding Chandler’s warnings about  a Gramsci-based strategy for Marxising America, the theory appears to organize all of the facts that I know of. The facts of attacks on religion, on the family, on traditional values of right and wrong, on sexual restraint and modesty, on traditional sex roles and preferences,  on independence and individualism, on business through increasing governmental regulation and taxation, the purposeful limitation of our energy resources, the division of America into competing factions based on ethnicity, and so on. All of this, a seemingly incomprehensible blizzard of events destroying the very essence of what American Culture has been from its beginning; all now organized and explained.

Explained as a new Marxist strategy based upon a decades-long unremitting labor to use major elements of the  free American system to destroy it using primarily peaceful methods. This new theory does what all excellent theories do.

It accounts for virtually all the data. Furthermore, it explains and predicts outcomes and allows for the control of the events under study.

Of course we scientists will always assert that “correlation is not causation!”. But, at this rate, by the time causation is demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt, we will be living in A New Marxized America.

I advise you think long and hard about this new Marxist revolutionary theory, reach your own conclusions and then vote accordingly!
V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 4/21/12
P. S. I thank Ginger Krueger for emailing this information to me.

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