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Obama-Care: Euthanasia For Elders!

July 29, 2012

Obama-Care: Euthanasia For Elders!

I assume that many who read this title will think that I am overstating the problem, even responding hysterically. Well, I am not.

A dear friend with a heart condition told me that his heart specialist informed him that at 70 years of age, he could no longer have his regular heart screenings. These screenings have averted lethal events through preventive interventions.

He told me that the physician informed him that he could do the screenings if he came in at around the regularly scheduled times and complained of something heart related. Under those circumstances, and only under those circumstances… with the advent of Obama-Care, could he do the customary tests that previously had saved my friend’s life.

The physician told him that he was not to tell others what he said, or he would deny ever having said such a thing.

Some may think that I have made this story up, just to scare them into voting against Obama. They would be damn wrong. My parents despised liars and they taught me to follow their own fine ethical practices.

However, you should vote against Obama for President for many reasons…and this is just one of them.

See Dick Morris (below) tell you more of the details of Obama-Care: Euthanasia For Elders. You had better believe it…it is real! How do you think an increasingly Marxist America would deal with the exploding demographic of us old folks?!

VTM, 7/29/12

Thanks to Howard Hawkinsfor sending this video to me. Thanks another good buddy, who will remain unnamed, for telling me his very personal story.

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