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Obama: “Architect of Destruction”

September 11, 2015

Obama: “Architect of Destruction”

I am presenting the following article with little commentary and I endorse its full message.

The author is Maureen Scott has described America’s epic and historical Presidential disaster more clearly than anyone I have ever read.

Interestingly, she wrote this article in 2013. Her assessment of Obama was perfectly predictive of his behavior to this day, and I will wager, to the very last day of his Presidency.

Please read Maureen’s article and do your part to make sure America never again suffers a national catastrophe such as that embodied by Obama and his progressive/socialist Administration.

Please also note that this catastrophe has nothing to do with race: It is strictly a behavioral assessment. America elected a pathologically deceptive socialist, progressive, America-hating, Marxist-revolutionary, with strong Islamic ties and sentiments.

I would love to now see the strong American patriot and true conservative, Dr. Ben Carson’s Presidential performance. It would be significantly reparative of Obama’s damage to America, it would also restore honor and integrity to the White House and perhaps to our entire Nation.

V. Thomas Mawhinney,   9/11/15

P.S. Thanks to John Plume for sending me this article. Also, see evidence of its authenticity:

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