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Obama Aids Muslim Terrorists

January 31, 2015

Obama Aids Muslim Terrorists

Perhaps you think this is title is a product of hyperbolic paranoia.

Well, this is my title and I do wish it were a product of my paranoia.

However, I have been a practicing psychologist for almost 40 years. I customarily judge what is an example of paranoid thinking and what is not.

Here is my logic and my evidence in order that you might evaluate the quality of my reality-testing skills.

In the case of our President Obama, the evidence is clear and consistent. He is a Radical Muslim sympathizer and I will bet that he is actually an occult Muslim.

See below, and search (“Obama Is A Muslim”)  in my blog’s search box. Decide for your self.

This is just a sample of the evidence I have collected:

As for me, I continue to search for strong evidence to the contrary of my judgment in this matter.

I challenge you to send me such evidence.

The following is some additional evidence for you to consider. It is very important that you click on the red colored links in this article in order to inspect the supplemental sources of information in support of allegations against President Obama.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.


P.S., Thanks to Gordon Jones for sending this last article to me.

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