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Obama and Guns: Treason?!

June 9, 2011

Obama and Guns: Treason?!

The Obama administration’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) allowed thousands of firearms to be purchased from U.S. gun stores and then smuggled to Mexico. They not only knew about this practice, but video taped these occurrences without intervening. I saw the video tapes.

The explanation presented by Obama’s BATF was that this strategy would lead to valuable intelligence information about the Mexican Drug gangs that are murdering thousands in Mexico. Well, from what I have read and heard, the guns were not actually traced once in Mexico and no such intelligence was gained. Feel free to correct me if you can prove that I am wrong.

Some BATF agents had protested this action  as being immoral, because these arms would certainly be used for lethal-illegal purposes in Mexico and would compound Mexico’s murderous problems as well as our own, especially among our own border states with Mexico.  The protesting BATF agents were correct, and it did not take the death of one of their (and our own!) fellow BATF agents, killed by one of our weapons smuggled into Mexico with America’s assistance, to prove it.

This so-called “intelligence gathering” scheme was a stupid and self-destructive idea and any half-wit would know it.

Of course, this is true of so many of the  Obama Administration’s ideas (no oil drilling, Cap and Trade, manic spending, self-defeating foreign policies, open borders with Mexico, and much more).


I believe that all of Obama’s actions can be rationally organized and connected by understanding that they weaken America’s traditional practices, its economy, and its hegemony among other nations in the world.

A news report stated that Mexico was going to try to sue American firearms manufactures for the damages that their weapons have done there. If such a law suit were successful, America’s most cherished and traditional manufactures Smith and Wesson, Colt, and Ruger (with other lesser known manufacturers) would be damaged or destroyed.

Keep your eyes on the Obama Administration, if they cooperate they are guilty of treason. The Obama Administration would have aided and abetted the flow of American firearms into Mexico and these arms have been used to kill countless Mexicans and Americans. Then, the Obama Administration would have assisted Mexico to attack and damage or destroy our Arms manufactures: Just as we are poised on the brink of a WWIII.

Another Obama mission accomplished!?

I pray that I am wrong in this worry. We shall see.

In the meantime, you had better take the time to read the following and think about the implications.

P.S. If you do not read the articles I provide, understand Mexico’s police and military are notoriously corrupt. There are reports that large numbers of the guns used by outlaws there  were purchased from corrupt Mexican officials, who sell the guns that the U.S. has sold to them to protect themselves.

Also,  Mexican bad guys can buy any and  all armaments from anywhere in the world for a small fraction of what it costs to get them from the U.S.



June 29, 2010


The following is a quote from “The Savage Nation”, By Michael Savage (pps. 135-136).

Muslims are now the largest religious minority in Germany, a status the Jews had in prewar Germany. But Ms. Merkel believes the situations are not entirely comparable. She said: ‘the Jews were Germans. They spoke the German language. But this is often not the case with the Turks’.

Merkel explains that in the 1970s, there were four million foreigners and two million of them had jobs. Today there are seven million foreigners, but the number with jobs has stagnated. Immigrants didn’t move into their labor market but into their social security system, she said.

This is the problem.

Immigrants are sucking the social security system of Germany dry as a bone. Her solution? Curtail foreigners by, for instance, speeding up deportation procedures for deportation of illegals and tightening regulations for family members to join immigrants already in Germany.

Did you hear that?

But she’s not anti-immigration. At the same time, she wants to lure highly qualified foreigners to the country. She said, ‘We want real specialists. We want to offer much better opportunities. We must be part of the war for talent in the world.’

Ms. Merkel is irritated by American calls to bring Turkey swiftly into the EU. You know why? She said, ‘Membership confers the right to work freely within the Union. Millions more Turks could pour into Germany. Imagine taking away the border between Mexico and the United States. It is just not possible in the foreseeable future.’

Ms. Merkel, why don’t you run for the president of the United States of America?

I maintain that ethnic diversity just for the sake of diversity is also a form of perversity. Ms. Merkel has made it clear that some immigrants are demonstratively more worthy of inviting into Germany than others. More than that, she wants to welcome into Germany skilled people with strong track records. That is the kind of sound policy toward immigration America must adopt if America is to remain strong.

End Quote.

The times when America can mindlessly admit immigrants because of family ties, or diversity quotas, or other reasons not related to building a stronger and more competitive nation are over. We are now in the process of self-destruction by immigration…among a plethora of other destructive acts that we ignorantly continue to inflict upon ourselves.

I will have more to say about our self-defeating immigration policies in the future.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D. 6/29/10

P.S. In the quote above, Ms. Merkel asks us to “imagine taking away the border away between Mexico and America”. What’s to Imagine? It has already been done! Ask Arizona…Ask the Obama Administration…ask the Bush Administration.

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