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Obama: Master of Pathetic Misdirection

May 26, 2015

Obama: The Master of Pathetic Misdirection

I have to wonder what the graduating class of the United States Coast Guard though when he stated they would be guilty of dereliction of Duty if they did not take Climate Change seriously.

He has purposefully degraded America’s military, he has snubbed our allies, he has remained recklessly inert in the face of a series of Radical Islamic victories in the Middle East and Africa, he has fanned the flames of racial unrest in our cities and denigrated our domestic police, he has besmirched the honor and glory of our Founding Fathers and their Constitution of the United States with his lies, distortions and deceptions, and he has opened our boarders to illegal aliens and to terrorists….and there is much more.

Now he presents that the greatest threat to America’s security is global warming.

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 5/26/15

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