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Dr. Tom’s Reality Therapy for “Never-Trumpers”

June 25, 2018

Dr. Tom’s Reality Therapy for “Never-Trumpers”

Some folks are so upset over President Trump’s stunning win in the Presidential Election that they are unable to perceive reality.

Therefore, I have decided to kindly provide “never-Trumper’s” an honest, caring and supportive list of his massive accomplishments in his short time as President.

This list is a far greater one than of most, if not all, of all other recent American Presidents during an equal unit of time.

I understand that many Americans do not like President Trump’s personality. His is a stunning complexity of clashing psychological features.  He is able to be so kind, caring, loving and generous. But when attacked or provoked, he often sends sarcastic, insulting, even crude “counter-punches” to his tormentors. Most often these verbal punches are well-deserve, occasionally I think they are not.

I don’t always like President Trump’s personality either. But that would be true for many citizens about many of our past Presidents. 

President Trump’s willingness to aggressively defend America’s welfare in every instance, in an attempt to “Make America Great Again”, has won my respect. I judge that in this modern-day predatory geopolitical world, President Trump is exactly what America needs to survive and prosper. Some, including me, hope that he is providential, much as many believe that George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were. 

If you are his friend, he will love you and treat you with great kindness. If you hurt him or America he will “put the hurt on you”. I believe this is exactly what America needs at this moment in its history.

For all of this, so far, Mr. Trump has my great respect. Future events will confirm or alter my judgement on this complex matter.

Blessings to all who love and respect America!

Please objectively evaluate the following list of Mr. Trump’s accomplishments for all Americans.

V. Thomas Mawhinney Ph.D., 7/7/18

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