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The Negation of Democracy

August 3, 2013

The Negation of Democracy

Carl Marx and Friedrich Engles, are men I do not often quote. Their writings are often opaque to  me, as it was when they discussed their third law: “the negation of the negation”.

Even though Marx and Engles advocated political/economic system that has killed countless millions of people and laid waste to those societies that have embraced communism, it appears that they were right about this “negation of the negation” thing.

I have tried to understand the author’s meaning of this phrase, but have had to settle for only understanding what it means to me. I admit my difficulty apprehending the true meaning of many of Marx and Engles utterances, so I will invite scholars to correct and inform me, in plain terms and examples please, of the true intended meaning of “the negation of the negation”.

Until I stand corrected, to me, the “negation of the negation” means that any political system that supplants another political system brings with it the seeds of its own destruction: Hence the phrase “negation of the negation”.

Forms of government and their cultures do not last forever, they mutate and/or are dominated and supplanted by some other form of government and culture. History  strongly suggests that none of these human things are perfect and none of them last forever.

The best that any political system and culture can hope for is to find the basic design features that work-well in its era, and then to evolve purposely and intelligently using the Laws of Human behavior to guide them cope with changing world conditions. I believe that psychology’s well proven Behavioral Laws will guide sociocultures to best manage their own highly corruptible actions, and those of their international friends and enemies.

I will bet that the Laws of Human behavior will provide for the greatest cultural longevity possible under any existing conditions.

But, again, nothing human on earth is perfect and nothing lasts forever.

I fear that America’s Constitutional Republic is now an exemplar of Marx and Engle’s Law of “The Negation of the Negation”. It is little consolation that they and their communism are too.

Can America turn its decline around? Sadly, I am increasingly doubtful.

Please read George Will’s thoughts about Detroit, a perfect example of the known and preventable mechanisms of America’s decline.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.,    8/3/13

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