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America 2022: In Cartoons

July 21, 2022

Targeted By A Mass Killer? Run, Hide, Fight!

August 18, 2012

Targeted By A Mass Killer? Run, Hide, Fight!

Mass killings are a strong indication of the deteriorating health of our American Socioculture. 

Educated folks often argue that mass shootings by deranged individuals are not new. They argue that what is new is the intensified news coverage that artificially inflates the viewer’s estimates of the probability and danger of such events to them personally. In psychology, we call this phenomenon the Availability Heuristic.

I think the increase in rates of occurrence are real, driven by increasing rates of untreated severe mental illness; broken families; abandoned, neglected, and abused children; the great dearth of financial and employment opportunities; and the terrible strain that our unending wars have placed upon our individuals and families.

I would also be remiss not to mention the loss of God’s precepts and rules for moral and ethical behavior that America has stupidly expunged from public life.

Whatever the causes, do not look for improvement in the rate of these horrible events anytime soon.

In Boy Scouts (what a marvelous example of traditional American culture that was–and still is!) we were taught to always “Be Prepared!”

I am not interested in spreading hysterics, just a cold and hard assessment of what anyone should do if they are ever caught in such a horrifying situation.

Learn the following and teach it to your loved ones!

VTM, 8/18/12

Thanks to Lee Hornack for sending this to me.

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