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America’s Marxist Revolutionary Deep State Exposed!

May 8, 2020

America’s Marxist Revolutionary Deep State Exposed!

If you are an honest Patriot: Liberal, moderate republican, or RINO you absolutely must see what Marxist Obama’s administration has done in their revolutionary attempt to “TRANSFORM” America. You absolutely must see what they have surreptitiously done to  destroy our rule-of-law, our Democratic Republic and our unique (in-all-the-world) culture. 

We  have been lied-to and duped into believing that President Trump colluded with our enemies to do exactly what the Deep State is trying to do. Please understand that this, and more of their actions, comprise quintessential Marxist revolutionary tactics.

For those who simply despise President Trump because of his personality, and who will vote for anyone but Trump; please learn the truth about his valiant struggle to defeat the forces of our undoing. At this time in our history, “Anybody but Trump” will spell disaster. We now have the proof that our Deep State is presenting Marxist revolutionaries and/or their puppets to run against Trump in our November Presidential election.

It is your duty to see this Block-Buster video below!

There now can be no question that America’s great Deep Subversive State (components of our media, law, politics, education and more), is maniacally dedicated to Marxist principles of revolution, using propaganda, balled-faced lies and brutal attacks  on innocent patriots (including, blackmail, financial ruination and prison). 

If you are an honest patriot, any persuasion, you must now know this truth. 

Much more will follow on this terrifying attempt in my future blogs.

I implore you to do the right thing and help save America’s Democratic Republic from destruction. 

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 5/8/20

America’s Stealth Marxist Revolution #1

April 25, 2020

America’s Stealth Marxist Revolution #1

The radical-leftist-branch of the democrat party is America’s Public Enemy #1!

They have long been about the business of dismantling America’s great Constitutional Republic, accelerating this effort dramatically with the election of the Obama administration.

This Marxist agenda was frustrated with the profoundly unexpected electoral failure to transfer Obama’s presidential power to Hillary Clinton, who is also a proven life-long Marxist revolutionary. 

See the truth about Hillary and her Marxist revolutionary associates.

The election of President Trump has exponentially frustrated America’s Stealth Marxist Revolutionaries and their leftist supporters abroad. Psychology’s Frustration-Aggression Hypothesis research predicts that there will likely be an increased probability of aggression from animals (including humans, of course!) when their goals are frustrated or they experience aversive (unpleasant or painful) stimulation.

Trump’s election produced great frustration among America’s Marxist Revolutionaries. What followed was a massive explosion of hysterical leftist democrat verbal and political attacks upon him, just as predicted.

Furthermore, Trump’s election produced an avalanche of verbal and physical attacks upon his supporters by rioting leftists, including a new revolutionary group called Antifa.

Perhaps you have time to learn about psychology’s interesting Frustration-Aggression Hypothesis. It is certainly operational in the case of America’s Stealth Marxist Revolution’s crazed attacks on President Trump and his supporters. Nevertheless, Trump has bravely and skillfully reversed many of the “progressive” “transformations” of America gained during the previous eight-year reign of President Obama: A true revolutionary Marxist.

Frustration-Aggression Hypothesis

This is Part-One of a much longer story about America’s ongoing Stealth Marxist Revolution. 

Your vote in November 2020 will determine the outcome of this attempted leftist revolution.

More on America’s Continuing Stealth Marxist Revolution will be forthcoming.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 4/25/20



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