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Obama Presents New Ideas…Not!

October 23, 2012

Obama Presents New Ideas…Not!

Thanks to Brother Mark for sending this to us all.

Ya just gotta see this one—The mina-bird speaks!

VTM, 10/23/12

Man Dances Around The World!

June 25, 2012

Man Dances Around The World!

My dear brother, Mark, has encouraged me to put more positive things on my blog. I confess that my first reaction was to be somewhat defensive. I told him,  now paraphrasing,  that I thought most Americans were enjoying life and focusing on the positives and that my challenge was to confront them with the realities that they do not see, or are in pathological denial about.

At 70 yrs, I do not have long left in the playground of life–and I love to laugh and have a good time. So, I do understand and sympathize with his sentiments. He knows about my penchant for good and fun times better than most do.

But in America, us common-folk really do have more enjoyment and fun things in our lives than do others in most places around the world.  This a direct result of the wise and disciplined behavior of our previous generations, not to mention their great mortal sacrifices to preserve  of America’s values and  freedoms.

During behavior  therapy, I encourage my clients to “look the dragon in the eyes” (I.e., their worst fears and anxieties) “and to spit at them!”.  I tell them that once they confront and begin to cope intelligently with their most threatening realities, that they will feel more in control of their lives and their anxieties and fears will be reduced.

When people perceive reality accurately and deal with it in adaptive ways,  they normally secure more rewards in their lives. I believe it is no different with the collective millions of people in America who, if they will see the truth,  can vote to secure a more rewarding future for themselves and their loved ones–starting in November of 2012.

My mission, for the present, is to focus upon those problems that America needs to fix in order to secure a very long and rewarding future. The culture wars are raging in America and too many of our fellow citizens are oblivious to the dying culture they now happily play and frolic in.  The reality is that both external and internal Progressive, Marxist, Socialist, forces are now conspiring and they are successfully destroying us incrementally.  America: The only great Constitutional Republic ever to exist on planet earth.

It is time to laugh often and loudly!  But it is also time to kick their asses and take no prisoners at the polls in November 2012 and beyond! These two activities are not incompatible with each other and if we will see reality and do our duty…there is absolutely no reason to become depressed.

Thanks, Mark, for stimulating my thinking on this matter…and here is something just for you. Click on all of the videos below and enjoy!

Your loving brother,


A Moving Tribute

October 17, 2010

A Moving Tribute

My Dear Brother, Mark, sent me this moving tribute to our men and women lost to us all during the Vietnam War.

I hope you will look-up your lost loved ones, and others you may know, to see their names listed in this roll call of honor.

VTM, 10/17/10

“Born Again American”

March 10, 2010

“Born Again American

You must open the following dedication to America. It is guaranteed to move and inspire you.

Thank you, dear brother Mark, for sending this my way. It is a profound and moving piece of work.


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