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Reality Therapy with Dr. Tom: Legalized Recreational Marijuana

April 20, 2018

Reality Therapy with Dr. Tom: Legalized Recreational Marijuana.

America is going to pot: Both literally and figuratively, or should I have said literally and literally?!

I predict that the resulting damage to America and its youth will continue to degrade the viability of our, already severely weakened, once great society.

I further predict that once this intoxicating “magic genie” is all out of the bottle, it will be virtually impossible to stuff it back in.

Wake-Up America!

Unprincipled progressive/liberal politicians are now moving to legalize the national recreational use of marijuana .

Why? It’s simple. In stoner lingo: “Cool”! “Far-out man”! “Let’s vote for them”!!!

Recreational Marijuana chaos reigns in off-the-charts progressive/liberal San Fransisco.

San Francisco Officials Outline Crowd-Control Plans For 4/20

Increased highway marijuana-related deaths and injuries was always predictable and is in clear evidence everywhere it is legal.

High Alert: State Warns Drivers To Use Caution On 4/20

I predict that the tax money made off legalized recreational Marijuana sales will never pay for the damage that it will cause to America.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 4/20/18

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