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Hillary: “Liar, Pants-On-Fire!”

September 26, 2016

Hillary: “Liar, Pants-On-Fire!”

It is so difficult to remember all of the sleazy, devious, dubious, dishonest, even felonious things that lying Hillary Clinton has done throughout her never-ending political career.

The following is a very good (though disgusting) musical synopsis of almost every scurrilous thing this career politician has done to us all.

The only things in this video that I think are unfair is some footage of husband Bill sleeping during her acceptance speech (with her Vice Presidential candidate trying to cover it up) and Hillary’s amazing pratfall at the end.¬†

Remember, a vote for anyone other than Donald Trump is a vote for truly crooked Hillary! kXjbXGyQDsE

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 6/26/16

P.S., Thanks to John Plume for sending this video to me.

Hillary: A Pathological Liar

August 8, 2016

Hillary: A Pathological Liar

Not only will Hillary double-down on Obama’s failed policies, she will double-down on his scurrilous lies and deceptions to America and the world.

Wake-Up America!

Everyone should know that TRUST is essential to all healthy and sustainable human relationships. Judeo/Christian principles tell us that “Though shall not bear false witness against your neighbor”, or more colloquially, “Though Shall Not Lie”.

Lying is a Sin for good reasons.

Not only do lies break God’s rules of conduct, lying reliably destroys civil relationships in love, business and virtually all other¬† good and useful social/civil relationships.

Chronic Lies and deceptions by leaders within societies not only promote distrust of those in leadership, they erode the legitimacy of the government. Lying leaders serve as powerful models for citizens and future leaders to imitate. After a few generations of such behavior among governmental officials, citizens become so used to lies and deceptions from their representatives that they accept “it is all part of the game” and simply vote for whoever they think will favor them with the most free stuff in the short-run…Never-mind the long-run!

When the takers and those who have become disaffected and abandoned the democratic process outnumber the makers; the party of scoundrels, liars, cheats, and all-around flim-flamers will prevail!

Of course this is the modern Democratic Party, now turned progressives and socialist revolutionary’s, now backed by the American Communist party.

This truth is plain to see and citizens can observe these causes and effects everywhere, if they will only choose to look.

Eight years of Lying Obama and his unprincipled minions have brought America to the brink of disaster.

Four or eight more years of Lying Hillary and her cronies will destroy us.

Please see the following video and send it to everyone you know.–/?#sp=show-clips

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 8/8/16

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