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Why Good Muslims Don’t Condemn Bad Ones?!

December 6, 2015

Why Good Muslims Don’t Condemn Bad Ones?!

The following video is only a little dated, yet it is spot-on relevant to the Islamic terrorist threat to everything we Americans hold near and dear.

America is now in WWIII with Islam. This is largely because we have a do-nothing President and Commander-in-Chief who is an Islamic sympathizer.

While American loved ones are slaughtered by Islamic terrorists Obama tells America and the world: “Its work-place violence”, “We need more gun control”, “Islam is a religion of peace”, “Global Warming is our greatest threat”, etc.. Why are we not rising up and demanding he be Impeached for his failure to defend America?!

Also, contributing to our great danger is our own “human nature”. It has been said, “All politics are local”, (i.e., “If it does not affect me personally, it’s not my problem”).

Expressed in psychological terms: Consequences that do not directly or materially affect people are less likely to motivate them to change their behavior.

These observations are actually examples of well-documented psychological principles of human learning, that should be taught to all citizens in our schools.

But, where are the protests against Obama’s Islamic-favoring policies among those who have been directly affected by terrorism and all of their loved ones and all of their towns-people?

A full answer to this great question is beyond the bounds of my present blog. I have provided as many as I know in past blogs and they all relate to America’s spectacular modern decline, as well as this specific question.

For now, an important partial answer is so-called “Political Correctness”, which from a psychological perspective is the systematic punishment (social censure, ridicule, or governmental material/ physical) punishment of a class of actions, such as discriminatory treatment of a class of citizens. Governmentally sponsored political correctness has always been the death of democratic societies and liberty.

The following is a glaring real-time example of psychological mechanisms of political correctness that have been lurking just beneath the surface of our consciousness.  These are psychological effects of punishment on behavior, that caused the neighbor who thought there was suspicious activity in the home the San Bernardo Islamic terrorists, but was afraid to report it.

The real-time glaring example is the news that Obama’s appointed minion, progressive Muslim Attorney General (Loretta Lynch) has recently met with American Muslims and promised to prosecute those who engage in “anti-Muslim speech” that “edges towards violence”.

Of course, this could easily represent a progressive attack on the America’s Constitutional First Amendment. Depending upon the definition of these terms, the results could  be fines and/or imprisonment for anyone who is simply deploring the violence perpetrated by terrorist Muslims against innocent victims around the world or in our own homeland.

See for yourself.

The next video is of Imus interviewing a very knowledgeable and impressive critic of Islam, Bridget Gabriel.

Please consider it your patriotic duty to view the following video and visit my last few blogs on this topic.

I am now convinced that our personal lives and liberties are in the greatest peril of our living history.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.  12/6/15

P.S. I hope you will scroll down the recent topics on my webpage and study my recent posts on this topic of Islamic Jihad and Terror against those of us they call “Infidels”.

Then, please send these blogs to everyone you know and vote accordingly in all upcoming elections.


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