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America’s Self-Destructive Policies on Muslim Immigrants-#I

April 9, 2015

America’s Self-Destructive Policies on Muslim Immigrants-#I

We are watching the destruction of America, perpetrated by our federal government that is flooding small towns and other “gateway-cities” with immigrants that are unfit for, and horrifically damaging to, a quality life in America.

This ongoing suicide by hostile immigration must be stopped and reversed, or all is lost.

I will say no more. I will let a series of authoritative publications document the hostile, lawless, aggressive, politically predatory take-over of our cities by barbarian Muslim immigrants.

This series starts now.

You will note that two of several videos in this report on a Muslim watch site have already been censored. Do not miss the ones that remain, they will show the true horror of what our Federal Government has done to peaceful American citizens and their once pleasant communities.

It is our patriotic duty to “get the big picture”. I beg you to take time to explore this web page.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 4/9/15

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