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Reality Testing with Dr. Tom: The Deep State

April 22, 2018

Reality Testing with Dr. Tom: The Deep State.

I just finished reading “Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump”, by Jerome Corsi, Ph.D.

It appears to me to provide a pretty thorough job of connecting the documented events (“dots”) of the Deep State’s attempts to terminate the Trump Presidency. 

It also provides other historical examples of Deep State or, Shadow Government influences. The author concludes that if the termination of the Trump Presidency cannot be done by any other means, assassination is part of their plan.

This assertion “floored me” as I did not suspect this level of dedication. Still, this is an upsetting theory that will be confirmed only if it were to happen, God forbid.  Unexecuted plans may never be known.

The closing chapters of this book discuss disinformation, propaganda methods, memes, and ways to counter them. American citizens should be aware of all of this information.

Also, I found the following short document to be a straightforward description of the development of the concept of America’s Deep State. Finally, near the end of this article is some interesting survey information about the percent of people who believe in the existence of  the Deep State and its  attempted influences on social and political actions and outcomes in America.

I am suspicious of “conspiracy theories”. But so far, this all appears to be valid to me.

I highly recommend that citizens form their own opinions while reading “Killing the Deep State”.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 4/22/2018

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