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Furious About America’s Destruction!

August 8, 2021

I wrote the following on 8/8/21 but did not post it on my blog. I had no idea of the debilitating events to come in Afghanistan. I just had an uneasy, foreboding sense of America’s growing vulnerabilities to great harm.

Then I was just worried. Now I am furious; as all American patriots should be.


I just returned from ten days in the woods of Michigan’s U.P..

You would think that a nice vacation away from work and the daily hustle-bustle of life would cool my upset and worry about the Ongoing American Marxist Revolution: But it has not!

My return to our political and cultural reality has only inflamed my righteous indignation over the ongoing rapid destruction of the last great Bastion of Western Civilization that is America.

President Biden is now a truly demented puppet of the powerful socialist-communist faction of our massively corrupted Democrat party. This fact is made even more horrific by the other fact that Vice President Kamala Harris, a true-blue Communist operative, will become President of America when Biden is removed from office due to manifest incompetency, or death.

America cannot withstand four more years of the purposefully destructive policies of our governmental and deep state Marxists working to destroy it. Once America is destroyed, the Marxists attempting to “transform” us all to their own historically failed totalitarian designs.

All of this rapidly unfolding as the Chinese, Russian, North Korean, and Iranian vultures await our growing weaknesses to strike us in any way they wish!

Dear friends I urge you to read “Slouching Towards Gomorrah”, by Judge Bork, and “American Marxism” by Mark Levin, in order to grasp a clear understanding of how all of this has happened to America; and what we can do to save our unique, in all the world, Republic.

To get a quick sample of what you need to know, please see the following short video of Mark Levin’s impassioned presentation. Also, please watch Mark Levin tonight on Fox Channel at 8:00 PM, and every Sunday there at this time!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 8/8/21

P.S. Thanks to patriot Lee Hornack for sending this to me.

The Shadow World of America’s Transformation

December 12, 2013

The Shadow World of America’s Transformation


It can be argued that in our present day all-pervasive social, entertainment, and news media (24/7) across a couple of hundred channels, that it would be unreasonable to expect the public to keep up with many of the events that can affect their lives. Therefore, what many decry as “low information” voters, may in-fact be rational in their uniformed state.

After-all, it is argued, they must work, have and rear children, attend to their extended families, find time to enjoy themselves and rest. Today the average individual is flooded with information and very little of it is relevant to the healthy maintenance of our Constitutional Republic. Add to that, our public educational system’s tendency to neglect Western and American history, a high percentage of our voting public are in fact very  poorly informed on issues that bear upon the survival of their own way of life.

Only the smallest percent of our population understands of the trails of development and the purposeful assaults from the radical left within the America that Judge Bork referred to as the “Culture Wars”. Proportionately few would ever read this dense 343 page book, entitled “Slouching Towards Gomorrah”. I am left to wonder where else would they learn about such information?

Similarly, comparatively few would read anther densely packed, highly referenced book of 532 pages. The very important book that I now reference is Robert Chandler’s (2008) entitled, Shadow World: Resurgent Russia, The Global New Left, and Radical Islam.

Chandlers book, places Bork’s accurate observations, more in the middle-end times  of purposeful Marxist revolutionary events that moved from outside America, into the acute beginnings of its decline in the 1960’s, and through to America’s increasingly moribund condition at the start of the 21st Century.

To be sure, there is a complex and interacting mass of events that have contributed to America’s present condition. But, you can be certain that intelligent and purposeful revolutionary efforts from within and outside of America have exploited our weakening conditions.

Robert Chandler, Ph.D., is a retired Air Force colonel and a Vietnam veteran. He has been a “strategist” for the Air Force, and the Central Intelligence Agency. He has also worked as a strategist for the White House and various departments, such as Defense, Energy and Justice.

Robert Chandler introduces us to the “Big Picture” of the Marxist/socialist assault on America and the rest of West, as follows:

“Shadow World is about the political forces hidden deeply in the shadows of international affairs. It examines a wide range of America-haters, including those aging ones who survived the Cold War and others that have since been spawned by new transnational predators. America’s unchallenged ascendance during the 1990’s resulting from its position as the world’s sole economic and military superpower triggered the development of a caldron of vicious political, economic, environmental, social, and cultural anti-American centers. This seething hatred for Americans coalesced into a loose network of mutual support through three main centers of anti-U.S. activity: (1) the Kremlin’s hidden hand operating from the shadow world to created conditions favorable for Russia’s long-term geopolitical objectives; (2) a radical progressive-socialist-marxist web of popular fronts, agents of influence, and covert operatives fostering an anti-capitalist cultural revolution in the United States and Europe; and (3) an Islamic Salafist multinational with interconnections between al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups dedicated to restoration of a world caliphate and Saudi Arabia’s plans to place Europe, Russia, and the United States under Islamic suzerainty.

These three main activity hubs operate as independent centers of anti-Americanism, but there are many connections between them. Together they make-up a “Faceless International” pursuing common goals of reducing U.S. power and influence in the world, while they compete for global geopolitical dominance. These shared strategic objectives offer opportunities for ad hoc support for one another, sometimes as the result of intermediaries coordinating activities and at other times simply parroting the policy line of the other. Russia, for instance, contributes to the radical Left’s “peace movement” through its recycled Cold War ideological allies inside the United States. At the same time, anti-war protests against America’s war on terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq by the homegrown radical Left and abroad are supported by al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups. Russia, on the other hand, supports international terrorism in the form of arms transfers to enemy combatants through proxies and sub-proxies.

Against this backdrop, three major geopolitical contenders, each with sufficient resources to establish a new world order, are locked in a long-term, winner-take-all competition. Their weapons are words and culture, economic strengths and diplomatic skill, political action in the open and from the world’s shadows, as well as guns and bombs. The ultimate victor will win the right to exercise its power and political authority over all of the Earth’s six billion people” (pps. xii and xiii).

While this breath-taking conclusion may seem unlikely, I will urge you not to dismiss it as an example of pure alarmist paranoia. From a psychological perspective, the idea that the confusing world of conflict that we see globally, and also playing out in America, is pure chaos is improbable. Early in human development, behavior becomes increasingly goal- directed and with age and experience, the chains of actions that are designed to lead to various rewards in life (immediate, intermediate and very distant) grow longer and greatly more elaborate. The same goes for adult organizations in association with each other.

The old saying that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, would appear to nicely sum-up the history of the many strained and competing allies joining forces in a common, coordinated, struggle for domination over common enemies. The cooperative effort between America’s allies during WWII provides a fine example of such global planned, complex, coordinated strategies in successful action.

To miss this critical piece of big-picture-reality is to meet the present planned and coordinated external and internal threats to America’s existence with naiveté and ignorance.

There is more to come on these forces that will mediate America’s cultural survival.

VTM, 12/12/13

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