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The Question of Morality: Again

September 14, 2012

The Question of Morality: Again

Once again, I return to the question of morality. A family cannot hold together without it. Nor can a Nation long stand in good conduct and viability without it.

Witness our own America, now debouched (our leaders are known for their lies and deceptions); now dangerous (we cannot go to malls or the movies, etc., feeling safe); now crazy (tax payers provide sex change surgeries for murderers in prison….what a great time “she” will have in prison!, etc., etc., etc.,); now in decline (if you can’t see it, your blind).

There there are a great many causal factors in all of these and the other  manifestations of our decline that I have identified in other blogs and in my other writings. There are way too many to identify in this single blog.

We can be certain, however, that our failure to teach the precepts of Judeo/Christian morality to our children has been a major and central catalyst to America’s decompensation to its current psychopathological state.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.,   9/14/12

Please read the following article about the lack of moral judgement in our youth.

P.S. Thanks to Gonzo, for sending me this article. See his blog in my blogroll  list.

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