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Voter Fraud: More Evidence

June 18, 2022

New Peer-Reviewed Research Finds Evidence of 2020 Voter Fraud

I know some smart people who think that Trump did not loose the Presidential Election due to voter fraud.

I disagree with them on this matter. Trump was slandered and propagandized by Marxist Left politicians even before he descended his Trump Tower Stairway to announce his bid for his first run for the Presidency. And, all of that it only escalated and intensified during his four years in office. The electoral fraud began at the beginning of his bid for the Presidency.

I will vote for Trump if he is the nominee, but I prefer that he not run for President.

I think he would not win due to the number of citizens who do not like his personality. I did, and still would overlook his abrasive personality because he did a great job quickly turning our sad American decline around and courageously attacking the corrupt deep state that is destroying America.

My wife and I strongly favor Governor DeSantis and Scott, Given the powerful, courageous and successful conservative performance as Governor of Florida. We did not choose Senator Tim Scott exclusively because of he is a back citizen. Far from it! That is a radical leftist Lib-Marxist trick. Senator Scott has very strong conservative morals and ethics, he vigorously defends America’s Constitution and he has impeccable personal credentials. He would make a wonderful Vice President and, perhaps with that experience, he would also make an excellent President some day.

But none of this, or any other good thing, will ever happen for America if the electoral corruption is not uncovered and forcefully corrected. As the months have passed, more and more election irregularities have been documented. I expect there will be more to come.

John Lott is a respected research professor and I ask you to please consider his published peer-reviewed research project below.

I will post more evidence of voter fraud in America as sound evidence is reported.

Please consider the following and decide for yourself!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 6/18/22

By John R. Lott Jr.

March 28, 2022New Peer-Reviewed Research Finds Evidence of 2020 Voter Fraud

(AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

By a margin of 52% to 40%, voters believe that “cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election.” That’s per a Rasmussen Reports survey from this month. This stands in stark contrast to the countless news stories editorializing about “no evidence of voter fraud” and “the myth of voter fraud.”

It isn’t just Republicans who believe this cheating occurred. Even 34% of Democrats believe it, as do 38% of those who “somewhat” support President Biden. A broad range of Americans think this: men, women, all age groups, whites, those who are neither white nor black, Republicans, those who are neither Republicans nor Democrats, all job categories, all income groups except those making over $200,000 per year, and all education groups except those who attended graduate school. 


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And with good reason. New research of mine is forthcoming in the peer-reviewed economics journal Public Choice, and it finds evidence of around 255,000 excess votes (possibly as many as 368,000) for Joe Biden in six swing states where Donald Trump lodged accusations of fraud. Biden only carried these states – Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin – by a total of 313,253 votes. Excluding Michigan, the gap was 159,065.

The point of this work isn’t to contest the 2020 election, but to point out that we have a real problem that needs to be dealt with. Americans must have confidence in future elections.

Some Trump allies, such as attorney Sidney Powell, who famously promised to “Release the Kraken” and then provided no evidence, have helped to discredit these concerns.

Courts have rejected challenges to the 2020 presidential vote, generally citing the lack of evidence that any alleged fraud would have altered the outcome in a particular state. The Republican plaintiffs argued that since their observers couldn’t watch the vote counts or were prevented from seeing other evidence, they couldn’t provide such proof without investigations backed by subpoena power. Still, while some judges have agreed that irregularities occurred in 2020, they weren’t willing to grant discovery in the absence of evidence that fraud could reverse the election results. Republicans thus faced a Catch-22 situation.

Recounts haven’t been useful in resolving fraud concerns, as they merely involve recounting the same potentially fraudulent ballots.

Signature verification is far from perfect, as election employees have as little as five seconds to check a signature. Amidst unprecedented numbers of mail-in ballots in the 2020 election, many states didn’t even try to verify signatures. If someone mailed in multiple ballots, there was virtually no way to catch them. And without tamper-resistant photo IDs, fraud is difficult to prove. Unless someone tries voting multiple times in the same precinct, there is no way to catch them.

My research provides three tests of vote fraud.

First, I compared precincts in a county with alleged fraud to adjacent, similar precincts in neighboring counties with no fraud allegations. Precincts tend to be small, homogeneous areas, and many consist of fewer than a thousand registered voters. When comparing President Trump’s absentee ballot vote shares among these adjacent precincts, I accounted for differences in Trump’s in-person vote share and in registered voters’ demographics in both precincts.

While precincts count in-person votes, central county offices are responsible for counting absentee or mail-in ballots. A county with systemic fraud may count absentee or mail-in ballots differently from a neighboring county. We can try to detect this fraud by comparing the results in bordering precincts that happen to fall on opposite sides of a county line. These precincts will tend to be virtually identical to each other – voters may simply be on the other side of the street from their precinct neighbors.

In 2016, there was no unexplained gap in absentee ballot counts. But 2020 was a different story. Just in Fulton County, Georgia, my test yielded an unexplained 17,000 votes – 32% more than Biden’s margin over Trump in the entire state.

With the focus on winning the state, there is no apparent reason why Democrats would get out the absentee ballot vote more in one precinct than in a neighboring precinct with similar political and demographic characteristics.

Next I applied the same method to provisional ballots in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Contrary to state law, voters were allegedly allowed to correct defects in absentee ballots by submitting provisional ballots on Election Day. My analysis found that such permissions in Allegheny County alone contributed to a statistically significant 6,700 additional votes for Biden – in a state decided by fewer than 81,000 votes.

Finally, artificially large voter turnouts can also be a sign of vote fraud. This fraud could come in the form of filling out absentee ballots for people who didn’t vote, voting by ineligible people, or bribing people for their votes.

Republican-leaning swing state counties had higher turnouts relative to the 2016 election. Democratic-leaning counties had lower turnouts, except for the Democratic counties with alleged vote fraud, which had very high turnouts.

My estimates likely understate the true amount of fraud with absentee ballots, as I didn’t attempt to ascertain possible in-person voting fraud. Allegations have arisen of many ineligible in-person voters in Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. In Fulton County, Georgia, 2,423 voters were not listed as registered on the state’s records, and 2,560 felons voted even though they had not completed their sentences.

Vote fraud erodes trust in elections, and makes people less motivated to vote. Compared to Europe and other developed countries, America is unique in its lax approach to vote fraud. When all demographic and political groups in the U.S. support voter photo IDs and even 46% of Democrats believe that mail-in voting leads to cheating, ignoring Americans’ concerns won’t make the problem go away.

John R. Lott Jr. is the president of the Crime Prevention Research Center. Until January 2021, he was the senior adviser for research and statistics at the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Policy where he dealt with issues of vote fraud.

Get A Gun: Learn To Defend Self/Family Safely!

December 13, 2015

Get A Gun: Learn To Defend Self/Family Safely!

The title of this blog is my best advice to all law abiding Americans.

I am particularly adamant in this recommendation during a time when our Federal Government refuses to adequately protect all of us from Islamic terrorists and America’s all-to-numerous thugs: burglars, robbers, rapists and murderers.

Many cross-cultural comparisons of crime rates, murders and firearm ownership appear to contradict the consistent within-America’s-own  -population analyses conducted by our own skilled researchers.

Cross-culturally, many reports indicate that the more guns there are, the more murders there are, and that America is one of the top murder capitals of the world.

However, within America the consistent findings are: The more firearms owned by law-abiding citizens, the less crimes there are…including gun crimes.

Note that all of the data presented are correlations and they do not prove “cause and effect”, i.e., that more guns specifically make crime go down.

However, it reasonable to assume that there are many more “uncontrolled variables” fluctuating in cross-cultural gun, crime, and gun death data than there are when the analysis is focused only within our own culture.

Within our own culture, the consistent correlations suggest the possibility of cause and effect in the direction of more guns less crime. However, the exact nature of causation within these data will be debated by social scientists for a long time to come.

The Average American will be happy to let the scientists continue to debate the “true causation” of the more guns less crime observation, “till the cows come home”.

However, everyone must make a very personal decision for themselves and their families, in the here and now: Is It Time For me to Get A Gun and Learn To Safely Defend Myself and My Family!?

You are free to do so if you choose, most everyone else in the world is not!

Thank God and America’s Founding Father’s for our Second Amendment.

I hope you will join the NRA and never let the progressive/socialist radical-left take your Second Amendment Rights away!

Please read the following article and also look-up University of Chicago researcher John Lott’s, web page. Be sure to visit Lott’s Crime Prevention Research Center, located on the right-side of that page.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 12/13/14

More Guns = Less Violence!

January 22, 2013

More Guns = Less Violence!

I know…. This idea is not easy to understand because it is counter-intuitive to those who view it from a myopic or short-sighted  perspective. We chuckle at the primitive ideas that the earth was flat, that the sun circled our earth which, by the way, was assumed to be the center of the universe. At least these, and similar naive and ignorant assumptions about the world, were based upon the retarded state of science back in old times.

But, what is the excuse for modern thinkers concluding that restricting law-abiding, qualified, and licensed citizens from obtaining firearms for personal defense against barbarians and governmental tyranny is a good idea?! The scientific and anecdotal data are clear: More legal guns = less violence and governmental tyranny!

Cities that are most restrictive of legal guns for law-abiding citizens suffer greater crime and murder rates than cities that have preserved the right of legal firearms for legal citizens. The same inverse relationship between guns and crime is true of states and different countries.

Please take the time to educate yourselves on this important issue by viewing the following video. I regret the brief ad at the start of this video, but it can be dismissed with a click of your mouse.

Now please consider another important related issue.

Socialist, progressive, radical left politicians are again using gun control as a “red herring” to direct the naive and ignorant way from the true causes of our criminal social problems and our general cultural decline.

The true causes of the threats to our safety and security are the universally tragic and destructive social, political, and economic policies of the radical left.

It is the psychopathology of the radical left that lies and deceives and destroys safety, security and cultural longevity wherever it gains control.

VTM, 1/22/13


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