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Liberal/”Progressive” Reward Systems Produce More Barbarians

January 13, 2017

Liberal/”Progressive” Reward Systems Produce More Barbarians

By now you have likely seen these pictures of the four black teens who tortured a mentally handicapped white boy for 24 hours.

Though some will not believe me, I have no general animosity towards black people.  However, I’ll admit that I have a hell-of-a-lot of animosity towards these particular individuals, who happen to be black.

I am reminded of a Facebook message I saw recently. When referencing increased shootings and murders, the question was posed: “Is it the guns, or the dysfunctional society?”

My answer: Without question is…’s the dysfunctional society!

Similarly, when it comes to this and other bad behaviors it is not the race, it is the dysfunctional society.

There have been many atrocities perpetrated by whites upon blacks. Not long ago a white kid entered a church and shot black members in a bible study group to death. Today, it was announced that this young man has been sentenced to death. I absolutely support the death penalty (swift and sure) for this perpetrator and anyone committing similar atrocities.

Such atrocities are now rampant in America and it is not rational to blame any particular race for the carnage.

Rather, I will place the blame on any sociopolitical ideology that subsidizes the parent/parents in  any race who has and keeps children that they cannot, or will not raise decently. By this I mean those who have no way to feed or house their children and will not work to do so. Also, those who abuse or neglect their children and teach them to intimidate, abuse others, disrespect authority, and to wantonly break our laws. These parents may ignore such actions in their children, or actually reward these behavior patterns. They may also teach these actions and attitudes to their children through the examples of their own very bad example behavior patterns.

The blame must go to the ideology of the radical liberal/”progressives” in American politics.

Psychology’s Law of Effect has been explained in greater detail in my previous blogs, as well as others. Put simply: Consequences Control Behavior.

The following is quoted from Liberal Fascism, by Jonah Goldberg, 2008. He is actually describing the consequences of America’s profound mismanagement of psychology’s premiere Law of Effect!

While the civil rights acts  were obviously great successes, liberals hardly stopped at equality before the law. The great Society’s racial meddling often under various other guises—yielded one setback after another. Crime soared because of the Great Society and the attitudes of which it partook. In 1960 the total number of murders was lower than it had been in 1930, 1940 and 1950 despite a population explosion. In the decade after the Great Society, the murder rate effectively doubled. Black-on-black crime soared in particular. Riots exploded on LBJ’s watch, often with the subtle encouragement of Great Society liberals who rewarded such behavior. Out-of-wedlock births among blacks skyrocketed. Economically, as Thomas Sowell has cataloged, the biggest drop in black poverty took place during the two decades before the Great Society. (referenced in his text) In the 1970’s, when the impact of the Great Society programs was fully realized, the trend of black economic improvement stopped almost entirely. One could go on for pages. But the facts are of secondary importance. Liberals have fallen in love with the idea behind the racial welfare state.  They’ve absorbed the Marxist and fascist conception of the “the system” as racist and corrupt and therefore in constant need of state intervention. Kindle Loc. 5085.

End of quote.

While the preceding addressed the negative impact of the progressive welfare state upon America’s black population, its similar effects fall upon members of all races who become dependent upon flawed welfare reward systems.

The universal cultural principle is: Bad liberal reward systems produce increase the rate of occurrence of bad behavior within a population, no matter the race.

The dramatic rise in population dependency and barbaric behavior during progressive/liberal socialist Barrack Hussein Obama’s Presidency as yet another demonstration of this frequently replicated cultural principle.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.  1/12/17








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