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“Islamophobia is not the problem. Islamofascism is.”

August 8, 2011

“Islamophobia is not the problem. Islamofascism is.”

I recieved this comment from Gonzo. It is spot-on and I have therefore put it on my main page for your consideration.

The Following is from Gonzo:

The issue seems to be the shear contrast between islam and the free world. According to Martin Beckford, a UK paper’s Religious Affairs correspondent, Fatima Husain, a consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology, has told how she sees Muslim women coming for treatment with strangle marks around their necks and bruises on their pregnant bumps.

She also claimed that problems develop because many followers of Islam are fearful of discussing sex, contraception and infertility.

Dr Husain, who works at Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospitals in Berkshire, [England] told the Muslim News that many women ask to be referred to her specialist clinics because she is a hijab-wearing Muslim, allowing her to discover the true scale of domestic violence in her religious community.

She said: “I’ve seen injuries on some of my patients that I wouldn’t dream would happen to pregnant women. I’ve seen strangle marks, finger marks on their necks and bruises on their pregnant abdomens.

Domestic violence is supposedly equally divided amongst the various groups but I get the impression it is more common in Muslims. Some Muslim men think they have a God-given right to be physically violent to their spouses. I see the result of all this when they are admitted as my patients.”

Because of lslam, the UK has had to create a special government commission just to deal with forced teenaged marriage, a shocking 80% of which result in marital rape. Why? because muslim men believe that it is their God given right to force themselves on their wives, a premises supported by the koran.

So impractical has this attempt to mix the West with islam, that UK art galleries have often been targeted by muslims who destroy nude, or near nude, art work as being offensive to islam.

This is not multiculturalism. This is deliberate intolerance by islamic immigrants toward the culture they CHOSE to migrate to, and swore to honor.

Michigan is just starting to see the results when large enough numbers of muslims amass in one area, as protestors of an intolerant muslim gathering is met with the tossing of bottles filled with urine at a crowd by muslims. In the same area, while filming for a show about parking tickets, muslims from a mosque being ticketed for parking on the sidewalk became excessively hostile toward the code enforcer, threatening his life, and demanding that they should not be ticketed since they were muslim.

In Oslo Norway, there are muslim neighborhoods where police won’t go, and where infidel girls are systematically raped.

Islamophobia is not the problem. Islamofascism is.


Thank you Gonzo.
VTM,   8/8/11

Are You An Islamophobic?!!

March 17, 2011

Are You An Islamophobic?!!

A friend of mine is exasperated that his concerns about Radical Islam, and his support of the recent Congressional hearings on that topic, have been viewed by some of his friends as an example  of “Islamophobia”.

A Phobia is: “A persistent and unreasonable fear of a particular object, activity, or situation” (Abnormal Psychology, by Ronald Comer).

My friend is a very logical and spiritual individual who can be partially defined by his great respect for all of the religions of the world and the many different ways that people choose to live their lives. His only concern is with those who would seek to conquer all religions and all people using coercion, terror,  and deceptive/dishonest strategies in order to bring everyone under the control of Radical Islam’s Sharia Law.

Neither he, or I, are concerned about forms of peaceful Islam that will integrate and seek compatibility with the laws and philosophy of individual freedom that form the foundation of Liberal Democratic sociocultures.

We are not “unreasonably fearful” of anything that will not hurt us. We are reasonably fearful of that which is dedicated to destroying our socioculture and our way of life.

It is our detractors who are phobic (unreasonably fearful) of something which cannot hurt them. Such individuals suffer from a severe psychological disorder named Logicophobia.

Logicophobia can be defined as an unrealistic and intensive fear of the logical analysis of objectively definable and empirically observable socio/political events occurring in reality.

The etiology of Logicophobia is not fully understood, but it appears that individuals with this disorder frequently have an overriding fear of social censure by those they admire and who have modeled such ways of thinking and behaving for them to imitate.  It appears that logicophobics suffer from a co-morbid discriminated social phobia. These multiply phobic individuals generally show significant histories of intensive positive reinforcement by models (parents, teachers and peers) who have been similarly influenced in their lives. Most notably, those afflicted logicophobia have been severely punished by social censure (or the threat of social censure) by their models and peers, if they dare to engage in non-logicophobic behavior.

Interestingly, the number of years of liberal education (particularly at college and post-graduate levels) is highly correlated with both the occurrence and the severity of logicophobia.

Logicophobia is extremely difficult to treat and the prognosis is poor.  Much like the rigid and irrational actions of cult members, individuals with this disorder must be separated from their powerfully controlling leaders and peer groups for therapeutic interventions to be successful. Such interventions are contrary to the principles of individual liberty that form the fabric of our socioculture. Therefore, logicophobia is virtually untreatable.

Frequently, antisocial personality disorder is misdiagnosed as logicophobia. The differential diagnosis of these two psychological disorders is difficult because both diagnoses are exceedingly resistant to treatment and both share many  of the same symptoms

On the positive side, sometimes intellectual and emotional immaturity is misdiagnosed as logicophobia. In these cases the maladaptive symptomology remits with age.

Ok, I’ll be honest…….

You will not find the term logicophobia in any diagnostic manual. It’s just my way of conceptualizing this amazing form of dumb and self-defeating human behavior.

I hope you will read the following article to see if you are an Islamophobic, a “logicophobic”, or just another poor soul (like me), just trying to figure out what is wrong with so many of my fellow citizens.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.   3/17/11

Stealth Jihad

September 24, 2009

Stealth Jihad

The following quotes are taken from Robert Spencer’s 2008 book, entitled “Stealth Jihad: How Radical Islam is Subverting America Without Guns or Bombs”. The book is published by Regnery Publishing Inc.

The following several paragraphs are quoted from the Introduction of Spencer’s book. His words should motivate responsible citizens and voters to learn more about the possibility that Stealth Jihad could, along with many other contemporary forces, destroy America as we know it.

Begin quote:

In this book, I offer evidence for the proposition that terror attacks involving bombings and shootings are not the sum total of terrorist aspirations, but are just one component of a larger initiative. The goal of that initiative is the imposition of jihadists’ ideology all over the world—over their fellow Muslims and non-Muslims alike. That ideology may be summed up by the phrase “radical Islam,” although that term is used in many different ways. Some use it to suggest that it is only radicals—those who distort those teachings into “radical Islam”—who are responsible for violence in Islam’s name.

I am not using the phrase in that way. Rather, I have long contended that Islam is unique among the major world religions in having a developed doctrine, theology, and legal system mandating warfare against and the subjugation of unbelievers. There is no orthodox sect or school of Islam that teachers that Muslims must coexist peacefully as equals with non-Muslims on an indefinite basis.  I use the term “radical Islam” merely to distinguish those Muslims who are actively working to advance this subjugation from the many millions who are not, as well as to emphasize that the stealth jihad program is truly radical: it aims at nothing less than the transformation of American society and the imposition of Islamic law here, subjugating women and non-Muslims to the status of legal inferiors.

Those who are working to advance the subjugation of non-Muslims are not doing it soly by violent means. The common distinction between “radical” and “moderate” Muslims has generally been made between those who are engaged in blowing things up or are plotting to do so, and those who are not. However, the evidence presented in this book shows that the distinction ought to be placed elsewhere: Between those Muslims who believe that Islamic law is the perfect system for human society and who are working by whatever means to impose that Islamic law, and those Muslims who support Western pluralistic governments and seek to live with non-Muslims as equals, under secular rule, on an indefinite basis (pps. 4, 5 & 6).

Next quote:

The West today faces the threat of stealth jihadists. By using this term, I am not implying that they operate in secret; to the contrary, one of the key characteristics distinguishing them from their violent counterparts is that they carry out their business openly, carefully constructing a facade of moderation. What is stealth about these operatives is their ultimate agenda—they are not seeking to protect Muslim’s “civil rights” from the rampant “Islamophobia” that ostensibly plagues Western societies, as they claim. Rather, they are leading a full-scale effort to transform pluralistic societies into Ilsamic states, and to sweep away Western notions of legal equality, freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, and more.

The stealth jihadists have already made significant inroads into American life. They are well-funded, well-organized, and persistent. They will not be pacified by negotiations, compromises, or concessions; they cannot be bought off. And every day, they are advancing their agenda—while most Americans don’t even know they exist.


In his controversial book “America Alone”, Mark Steyn suggests that:

Europe is falling to the Islamic Jihad, and that only America will be left as a bulwark against Islamization. But it is unclear how much of a bulwark we will be if we allow our freedoms and way of life to be eroded in the name of “getting along.” That is exactly what is happening today. The stealth jihadists are working energetically to wear away the very fabric of American culture.

Its happening right now , under our noses (pps. 6 & 7)..

End of quotes.

Please view the following. Note the message, at the end of each page.

A Loving Gesture or Stealth Jihad?

VTM, 9/13/09

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