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Stop Islamic Immigration! #6

February 17, 2017

Stop Islamic Immigration! #6

The following is a communication from patriot Chuck Carpenter about the matter of Islamic Immigration to America.

America, you had better listen-up!

The truth is staring you in the face. Do not let political correctness and its associated blind pathological denial inspire you to ignorantly participant in this great nation’s demise.

Thanks to Chuck for sending the first short video below to me.

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney Ph.D., 2/17/17

I don’t know if you have seen this video yet.  I have been in Florida  for the last 2 months and met a guy from Iraq.  He was a christian that was here because he worked with and was wounded helping  our military when they were in Iraq.  He has had family members murdered in Iraq and his message was “DON’T TRUST THE MUSLIMS”  that regardless of what they say they are capable of  being radicalized.  That their religion has no tolerance  for any other religion.  In his opinion letting mass amounts of Muslims in to this country is going to have catastrophic consequences.  They don’t want to become Americans they are invading so they can take over.  It was a pretty sobering conversation from someone who has lived it.

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