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“Immigrants! Don’t Vote for What You Fled”

June 2, 2019

“Immigrants! Don’t Vote for What You Fled”

This video is not just for Mexican immigrants to America.

It also applies to those who are escaping from U.S. cities and states that have been ruined by leftist-Liberal politicians in power for decades. 

It is normal for migrants, from outside or inside the U.S., to escape the leftist ruins of increasingly bloated, corrupt, and incompetent federal, state or local failing governments. 

What seems abnormal is when immigrants and migrants have a strong tendency to move to healthy and prosperous areas maintained by conservative populations and governments, only then to AGAIN VOTE FOR THE RADICAL/LIBERAL, LEFTIST POLITICIANS AND THE SOCIO/ECONOMIC PRACTICES THAT DESTROYED THE QUALITY OF THEIR LIVES IN THE PLACES THEY HAVE ESCAPED!

Albert Ellis asserted that humans are essentially irrational. The following is just one example of the kind of human behaviors that drove him to that conclusion. If you think about it, there are many more such examples.

Immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America; the Middle East; and even migrants from California to Texas and other liberal- to- conservative migrations in the U.S.,  often then agitate and vote to produce the same social and political environments that they have just escaped from!

See for your self in the following video!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 6/2/19

P.S., This video “nails” the reasons behind what, at first glance, appears inexplicable.

It is the tyranny of easily available more immediate rewards (free stuff) verses more substantial delayed rewards to be earned through self-denial and hard work. These problems of immediate vs. deferred rewards are well understood in the field of psychology. 



More Horror: Coming Soon to Irrational America!

November 15, 2015

More Horror: Coming Soon to Irrational America!

Yes, Now France has had its own “9/11” horror.

There is little more that I can say on this topic. Perhaps I can stay, “I told you so”! But anyone who is not brain-dead, or blinded by some form of radical-liberal psychopathology, could honestly say the same thing.

As a professor emeritus of psychology and a practicing psychologist, I remain saddened  at the degrees of irrational and self-defeating behavior that humans commonly display. Psychologist Albert Ellis (1913-2007), correctly declared that humans are irrational creatures.

Irrational thinking and behavior may be defined as thoughts and actions that are not ultimately beneficial to the individual, their loved ones, and that do not lead to consequences that comport with healthful and adaptive goals.

I assume that thoughts and actions that are ultimately beneficial to individuals and loved ones that and lead to consequences that further   healthful and adaptive goals, will frequently redound as a  benefit to their own societies.

All of the people that I have ever known, including myself, display some irrational thoughts and behaviors. Some are irrational in small areas of thinking and behaving (we may over-eat, have a temper, or need to be better organized, etc.).

Unfortunately, many humans are so thoroughly irrational that their personal lives are a nightmare and they inject chaos and self-destructive consequences into all of the social, political and cultural systems in which they operate.

Two (of many) glaring examples of thoroughly irrational classes of humanity are the radical-progressive political left (wherever they may be found) and the  dastardly Islamic terrorists.

The Islamic terrorists achieve nothing more than death and destruction of innocent peaceful individuals at the price of their own certain annihilation. The world will not long tolerate the presence of these rampaging vermin on planet earth, any more than it tolerated Nazi Germany and their allies.

The radical-progressive political left, in all ways that I can detect, are stupidly allied with radical Islam. The continuously facilitate the bloody and horrific goals of the Islamic terrorists under the rubrics of “diversity”, “inclusiveness”, “humanitarianism”, “open-borders”, “fairness” and other misguided forms of  liberal-speak. Furthermore, they punish anyone who dares to utter “politically incorrect” language opposing their irrational sociocultural agenda items.

These are the facts as I see them.

Now, please go to my search box on the top right side of this blog page and type “Muslim Immigration”.

You will then discover all of the logic upon which base my strong allegations.

I invite your comments, pro or con.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

P.S. Please send this blog to your friends and relatives, especially those who are progressive-liberals. They need to be helped to face the facts about their irrational, America-defeating political thoughts and actions.



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