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In High Praise Of America’s Police Heros…And Why Law Abiding Responsible Home Owners Should Arm Themselves

November 8, 2014

In High Praise Of America’s Police Heros…And Why Law Abiding Responsible Home-Owners Should Arm Themselves

There are bad individuals in every walk of life. They can be found among scientists, clergy, M.D.s, psychologists, judges, and all of the rest of our most trusted professions and vocations.

This is reality. When this reality is distorted by the media (I call it Bad Media Contagion, from a psychological perspective) the stage is set for sociocultural psychopathology: A pandemic media driven Paranoid Disorder leading to social chaos. This process is self-feeding when the so-called free media and the political system are in propagandistic cahoots with one another.

I recently watched a documentary on George Goebbels, Hitler’s highly skilled Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany.

America’s whorey  relationship between her current Marxist-leaning Government and the main-stream and cyber media are light-years beyond the neophyte that was Goebbels and his dastardly minions.

Below is some Good Behavioral Contagion. I call it good because it accurately portrays our median cultural reality in its deserved positive light. It also focuses our justified primal fears upon in the barbarians that six decades of  liberal precepts and rules, alien to America, have produced by the millions.

Please see the following video and tell us what you think about these issues.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 11/8/14

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