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America: Pure Democracy is Suicide

February 5, 2018

America: Pure Democracy is Suicide.

Our Founding Fathers knew that pure national democracies self-destructed at around 200 years of age, if they are fortunate. 

America’s Founding Father’s did their homework and were highly intelligent political geniuses. I am not exaggerating this matter. They are widely read on the topic of world political and social problems and they fully understood human nature’s tendency to selfish self-aggrandizement, enrichment and our quest for power, more power and absolute power.

All of this leads to what can be seen in modern totalitarianism, socialism and communism. The Marxist philosophy now pleasingly packaged as “progressivism”, or democratic socialism as advocated by America’s contemporary leftist democratic party.

Prophetically, they also understood that the government that they designed would never work if “In God We Trust” became a thing of the past. They knew asserted that the government that governed least, governed the best….But only when something else governed. That something else was the conscience of a God-loving and fearing citizenry.

They also knew the importance of teaching our own history and patriotic traditions to America’s children, its future leaders.

America is increasingly failing to honor and follow the wisdom of its Founding Fathers, and it has been predictably self-destructing as a result.

Now, see the rest of America’s current life-threatening problem. 

Our Founding Fathers fully understood that the simple vote of a citizenry would eventually lead to the “Tyranny of the Majority”. This in turn would eventually the Tyranny of a small cadre of unprincipled leaders willing to use governmental force, imprisonment and even military might to impose their will on the general public.

Please see some of what they feared the most right here. 

Now see how our Founding Fathers designed our Electoral College in an attempt to protect America from the Tyranny of the Majority: Especially an ignorant majority.

I dearly hope you will share this with others who you think might benefit.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 2/5/18

P.S., If you still have not seen enough, try this, just for kicks!

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