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May 25, 2015


Sleep in peace my brother, my sister.
You have sacrificed all for the Country
you love.

We who remain behind enjoy the
freedoms you so valiantly fought to preserve.

We stand together this venerable day
to salute you, to honor you for the precious gift
of freedom.

Be assured your dedication to America will
never be forgotten.

Monuments rise up to dedicated your courage,
fortitude and fidelity to duty. To remind us that the very things we cherish and love come not freely.

For those who came home we weep for our lost, but stand firm in our belief that they did not perish in vain.

I take this opportunity to salute them one and all.

To my shipmates with whom I served (1961-1963) aboard
the U.S.S. ETHAN ALLEN (SSBN, 608), I offer a special salute.

God bless them all.
Howard W. Hawkins

P.S. Please visit the Ethan Allen Website! There you will see the magnificent submarine that Howard and I were honored to serve aboard.

V. Thomas Mawhinney

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