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H. L. Mencken Warned Us!

June 10, 2013

H. L. Mencken Warned Us!

It has been a frustrating past several days.

It was good, however, that I worked on and enjoyed my sail boat for past few days. All good, except that my laptop would not go on-line through the available WiFi there.

So the blog I am working on was not completed.

I finally have found some things about Libertarianism that I cannot support and I will describe these problems soon. On the other hand, I continued my my study of this germinal American moral, ethical, economic and political philosophy and I continue to be very impressed, overall.

I then returned home last night to find that my house had been burglarized and two flat screen TVs were stolen.  I am so very fortunately that nothing else was taken. That is a mystery…do they intend to come back for more? I am now forced to pay ADT to guard my home when I am gone.

I am no longer comfortable leaving my wife, Sally, home alone, should I need to do so overnight.

I pray not, but these very bad folks had better not return while I am home. I am a pacifist until they break into my house.

Also, I am gnashing my teeth while thinking that everyone profits, while I loose.  The criminals are better off, the police can now justify their increasing bureaucracy, and the insurance company profits in the end.

My wife and I have to sustain multiple loses which include the insurance deductible, the insurance low-ball estimates on the value of our merchandise lost, the time and effort required to replace and reinstall these items, and finally the loss of the false sense of security and peace of mind we once enjoyed. Perhaps this last loss is a good thing.

We are now forced to get an alarm system at over $400 per year plus installation charges.

My creative juices are not flowing at this moment. So, I found something to post today by someone who is defined by their massive creativity. This, to share a highly relevant thought with you.

Please don’t miss this one!

Tom Mawhinney

P.S., Thanks to Lee Hornack for bringing this to my attention.

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