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American Social “Freedom” = Social Chaos = Cultural Decline

December 23, 2012

American Social “Freedom” = Social Chaos = Cultural Decline
The following remark is from Gonzo, a fellow blogger who is not afraid to think intelligently about various social issues. I hope you will read his remarks and my response to them. I judge that we are both spot-on regarding some of the problems with the cultural design of modern America. I encourage you to visit Gonzo’s blog. His address is included in my blog roll, on the bottom right side of my blog page.
The following is written by Gonzo:

I am, at best, an arm-chair quarterback when it comes to discussing sociological and psychological phenomenons. But I can’t help but wonder if the one avenue of thought might be better described as “conditioning”.

What conditioning toward violence are the following having on young minds, (young minds that grow to adulthood)?:

Violence on television, which has been increasing with regularity and realism. -Violence in movies, which has been increasing with regularity and realism. -Violence in music, which has been increasing 8 fold and is combined with messages of hate toward various groups of people. -Violence in games, which has been increasing in intensity and realism. -The increasing presence of psychotropic drugs which have interactions in the human mind in ways that still are not fully understood. -The growing and UNDISCLOSED list of everyday products that contain fluoride, a poison that is known to cause violent outbursts in some people. (In water supplies, dental products, multi-vitamins, huge doses in SSRI’s, many other pharma drugs, in our foods from fertilizers and pesticides, teas, vaccines, soda, milk, added to some processed foods, others). -Lack of other examples of dealing with conflict other than with violence.

Again, I may be wrong, but it seems that once the conditioning has been accomplished, that the next step is a trigger and opportunity. The sad reality is that people receive more conditioning from the aforementioned list than from sources such as examples of conflict management w/o violence, spirituality, forgiveness, etc.

We don’t need fewer guns, we need better conditioning on how to live as a peaceful people, engaged with one another, and living life with spiritual purpose. We also need awareness of the poisons affecting our lives, whether psychological or chemical, and truth in labeling.

End of Gonzo’s remarks.

My response follows:


Correct you are about the concept of conditioning! You have been doing a lot of good studying in your “arm-chair”.

The term is a correct and technical one for one form of learning that has to do with temporal association of stimuli, either Classical/Pavlovian or Operant in nature. These forms of learning indeed account for a great deal of the most important behaviors that we do to our physical environment and to our social environment. Broader in scope is Social Learning Theory, which also accounts for a great deal of important learning in humans. The many psychological principles in this field include modeling and imitation and other forms of vicarious learning. However, stimulus associations and conditioning are part of all of the forms of learning identified in humans.

I judge that virtually everything that psychology has discovered about human learning is operating against the welfare of America’s individuals and its culture as a result of legalized drugs, legalized pornography, and legalized gambling; Permissive standards on profanity, violence, and sex or sexual innuendo in the popular media; Liberalized marriage and divorce rules; Deinstitutionalization of  dangerous mental patients, liberalization of civil committment rules for the severely mentally ill, liberalized judicial and penal practices, liberalized child protection laws, liberalized educational practices, the governmental undermining of  spiritually based morality in all sectors of our society, and much more.

All of this, and much more, in America is best described as a culture of permissiveness. Some view this state of permissiveness as “freedom” for the individual, when actually it is a predicament of destructive social chaos. Under conditions of permissiveness most of the naturally occurring conditioning and learning principles tend to yield maladaptive behavior in individuals and cultural outcomes that are destructive to America’s survival.

The principles and mechanisms of this powerful process bad behavioral contagion are well understood, but America stupidly ignores them.

VTM,  12/23/12

Ever Wonder: What the Hell Is Going On?!—Propaganda In America!

December 8, 2012

Ever Wonder: What the Hell Is Going On?!–Propaganda In America

Everything that you are about to learn is well documented and I have researched and read the documentation of  this information in unimpeachable sources. Please verify my assertion.

Do a quick search in the box above:  Type “Shadow World” and press the enter key to verify the truth of what follows.

What you are about to learn, as we used to say in the Navy, is “the straight skinny”!

I emphasized the word learn  simply because the vast majority of people who I know are unaware of the following information. Yet, most of them are astonished and troubled by the sociocultural changes that have happened within America during the last few decades of their life-times.

Find-out what the hell is going on in the following video.

VTM, 12/8/12

P.S. Thanks to Gonzo for sending this video to me.

Peace and Islam?-2

October 8, 2012

My buddy blogger, Gonzo, sent this information in response to my Peace and Islam? blog posted on 10/7/12. You will find his complete response in my comments section.

Please review my last post in order to place Gonzo’s response to mine in the proper context. Also, I hope you will go to his fine blog located in my blog roll list.

The following is Gonzo’s information sent to my post:

Jihad in Islam started 1400 years ago, and has never stopped.

In recent decades, the tactic has been to create a large enough percentage of a population, create havoc, and then force a separate set of laws in that in area. Entire countries have been sheared in half to accommodate jihadists.

VTM, 10/8/12

Watch-Out For The Wahhabi Islamic Sect: The Salafist

July 24, 2012

Watch-Out For The Wahhabi Islamic Sect: The Salafist

The following is from Gonzo, a frequent contributor to my blog and author of his own very fine blog. Why don’t you join him at Gonzoreality  ?

Gonzo carefully researches the activities of various Islamic terrorist sects and has provided important information in his recent comment about my grim post showing an execution of an Islamic woman for questionably alledged sexual misconduct.

I hope you will read Gonzo’s remarks below.

V. Tom, 7/24/12

Your readers would be well advised to understand a few basic facts.

1) The sect of islam in Saudi Arabia is the newest and most devastating of all sects. Wahhabi spawned the Salafist (Safi).

2) This sect is brutal. The Saud royal family has a symbiotic relation with them, as they keep control of islam in Arabia, and in return, the Sauds give them substantial funding.

3) It is the Salafists that are causing the majority of the troubles worldwide, and have spawned nearly all of the terrorist groups.

4) Moderates in the know, fear them.

5) Safi/Saudi funded mosques are growing worldwide at an extraordinary rate, and comprise 80% of the mosques in the US ACCORDING TO ISLAMIC SOURCES. (This is not American fear mongering).

In Russia today, one moderate Imam was brutally murdered and another seriously injured in a car bombing. The perps were Salafist muslims hellbent on starting a civil war to break that region in to an islamic state. The Imam’s targeted had spoke out against Saudi funded extremist Salafists and their rhetoric of violence.

It is true. Not all Muslims are the problem. However, a certain sect is. They are well funded, well organized, worldwide, and impacting politics around the world. Their faces are organizations like Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban, Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, IANC, and their worldwide network counterparts.

There is no such thing as 20,000 lone gunmen acting in similar ways for similar reasons.

All good folks – we are being played…against each other.

Stealth Jihad Revisited: Propaganda In America’s Classrooms

January 27, 2012

Stealth Jihad Revisited: Propaganda In America’s Classrooms

Gonzo commented that our problem is not just that we have failed to teach our children our American history and the history of Western Civilization. Rather, we are teaching things about ourselves and the world that are untrue .

In my view, the misinformation being taught (and the lack of our own cultural information) in our classrooms is damaging to America’s health, welfare and viability.

I thank Gonzo for bringing this to our attention.

Please view the following and judge for yourself!

VTM, 1/27/12

More Killed In Name of Religion?!

January 5, 2012

More Killed In Name of Religion?!

I have heard this statement flippantly and confidently quipped by many. Much as if it is a self-evident Truth. I have heard this said, in all seriousness, by those who consider themselves to be religious people.

I generally dispute these statements. My first concern is where is the evidence of this and who did the math to prove that slanderous assertion. The answer is normally a passing reference to the Crusades or the Inquisitions. The debate then fades to what is essentially a matter of incalculable clashing, but incalculable opinions.

I want to thank Gonzo for sending me the following article. It provides some interesting (though I am sure, debatable) logic and  statistics with which to arm one’s self when debating the “More Killed By Religion” slander.

Whether you are religious or not, it is your responsibility to evaluate this issue carefully before you enter the debate.

Given the protracted secular humanist war on religion in Europe and America, and the continuing decline of these civilizations, I think the whole of Western Culture is at stake.

Evaluate the following and then have the courage to speak-up!


The Security/Liberty Conundrum

December 16, 2011

The Security/Liberty Conundrum

The following comments by Gonzo appeared in the comments section of my blog. I think it merits more attention, so I placed it here.

Gonzo wrote:

When I sounded the alarm bells over the Patriot Act, most people commented that it was ok with them if our Constitutional rights were stepped all over, after all, it was only the enemy we were fighting…right?

So why did 93% of the Senate vote to remove the right to Due Process for US citizens, just recently?

Why is it so hard to believe for some people that our government is trying to take away our guns – to make controlling us easier?

Why are people so silent over the unconscionable violation of our 4th Amendment right NOT to be subjected to unreasonable search and seizure?

NEVER, EVER, EVER, under any circumstance, allow a government to breach the US Constitution, EVER.

Do you really believe that this is temporary to fight some “soon to end” war on terror? Foolishness!!! Who is the enemy? What country can be attacked to end terrorism? Who can be arrested and terrorism instantly dies? Shouldn’t everything have stopped with Osama dead? So why further encroachment on the Constitution?

Easy, because “terrorism” will exist forever by government definition.

“Those who would give up liberty for security deserve neither.” – Benjamin Franklin

End of Quote by Gonzo.

The following is an adaptation of my response to Gonzo’s comments:

Yes, Gonzo, you are making me fearful. Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus, the Japanese were interned during WWII, and there are more examples of U.S.  suspensions of civil rights during war-time. We can argue about the propriety of these two, and other war-time curtailments of freedom in America. But, it is notable that we have always returned these Consitituional rights to citizens following the end of these wars.

That said,  our government is now predominantly a progressive/socialist one, moving swiftly to unalloyed socialism.  The history of civilizations reliably notes that governments tend to move from socialism to tyranny–the confiscation of liberty.  I am now greatly concerned that the so-called “War on Terror” is capable of dealing such fatal permenant blow to the balance of liberty and security in America.

Maintaining the workable balance of liberty and security in any socioculture that hopes to live long and well requires the application of  rare and delicate political art-forms. My historical readings suggest that every form of government, and every written governing doctrine, contains the seeds of its own destruction within.

I can only hope that I am wrong about these “seeds of destruction” in our own case. Let us pray that the fabled courage, industry, and wisdom of our citizenry will, once again, save Our Republic.

Wake-Up America!

VTM, 12/16/11

Occupy Wall Street: Occupy Yourselves!

October 30, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: Occupy Yourselves!

Everyone needs a therapeutic “swift kick in the pants” from time to time, including myself.

Gonzo provides a dose of such therapy for the Occupiers of Wall Street and for the occupiers of  all  other city streets of America.

The message should resonate for all of us.

As they used to say in the old days, and I hunger for the old days: “If the shoe fits wear it”.

To Gonzo’s list of concerns, I will add the greed of American Unions who priced their own products and workers right out of the market place.

Check it out, and Wake-Up America!

VTM, 10/30/11

How To Define An Evil Religion

September 2, 2011

How To Define An Evil Religion

This is what I consider to be a good definition of an Evil Religion. There is no need to make further comment on this matter. Gonzo gets it…Do You?

Read Gonzo’s post below.

VTM, 9/2/11

Obama’s Effects Upon American Blacks

August 15, 2011

Obama’s Effects Upon American Blacks

I have written about Walter Williams’ Book entitled, Race and Economics: How Much Can Be Blamed on Discrimination?

The thesis of that book is simply that certain economic/social designs benefit minorities and certain ones do not. The free market and democracy offers roads to prosperity to all, independent of race, color or creed.  No other economic or political design does better. Some do very much worse.

Now to President Obama.  Obama’s political ideology is Marxist/socialist and he is laying the groundwork for its ascendency in America with great skill and ingenuity. Many have concluded that he is “in over his head” and incompetent, but they are tragically wrong.  Obama is not in over his head, America with Obama as president is. Obama deceived the electorate, exactly as he was trained to do by socialist revolutionary Saul Alinsky’s play book.  He is now doing exactly what he intended to do: “Transforming America” (read, Destroying America).

Perhaps no one person since George Washington and Abraham Lincoln has ever had a more transformational impact upon America than President Obama has had in the first half of his Presidency. That requires political genius: Evil though his is.

My friend and fellow blogger, Gonzo,  forwarded the following audio interview to me. I implore you to listen to its entirety.

Hear what President Obama is doing to all of us, especially black Americans and black  businesses, from the authoritative perspective of the President and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, Harry Allford.

Then go to the polls each and every time they open and motivate your friends to also go. Take back America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.,     8/1511

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