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God Bless Our Veterans: Way To Go Bama!

November 11, 2014

God Bless Our Veterans: Way to go Bama!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 11/11/14

EN-2nd class

USN, Ethan Allen, SSBN 608, A once magnificent Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine

If You Have A Dream..Dedicate It To A Veteran

November 10, 2012

If You Have A Dream..Dedicate It To A Veteran

If you have a dream, no matter how old you are, attack it..go for it!

Pursue your dreams for those who sacrifice every thing so that you could.

God Bless the veterans who returned to us.

A special reverence and God’s Care for those who remain on eternal patrol guarding America’s Constitutional Liberties and freedoms from tyranny.

Please read this inspiring veteran’s story. Then see the next impressive video and watch-out for the lump in your throat.

VTM, 11/10/12

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