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America Needs George Washington Today

March 5, 2015

America Needs George Washington Today!

I Have read the book, The Real George Washington, by Jay Parry and Andrew Allison.  Glenn Beck showcased this book in this 2010 show. I can assure you this topic is even more relevant today than it was then.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. The book is an example of wonderful scholarship. Its authors let the account of Washington’s life show through his own words and the accounts of others who personally knew George Washington.

You may inspect the book here:

I beg your patience with the video I present below. It is nearly 40 minutes long. Also, at the start, Beck gets pretty emotional a couple of times. Maybe I have watched too many John Wayne movies. Additionally, the video images are slightly fuzzed, particularly in the beginning, though the images seem to get better as the video progresses. Please do not let these things deter you.

It is a marvelous presentation of  some of America’s formative years and its first incomparable leader and President. If time is an issue, perhaps you can watch this video in several segments. It is well worth your time and effort to do so.

I hope you will obtain and read this book. I will bet that you will never think of George Washington and the Founding of this great Constitutional Republic in the way you once did.

Do not be put-off by the following amazingly long URL, it will work.;_ylt=A0LEVkA8JPVUO0QAtSknnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTB0dmRibmhwBHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2JmMQR2dGlkA1lIUzAwMV8x?p=glenn+beck+on+the+real+george+washington&tnr=21&vid=9590299BCE5A86E37F2A9590299BCE5A86E37F2A&l=2402&

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 3/5/15

America’s Marxist/Anarchist Orchestrated Riots

December 3, 2014

America’s Marxist/Anarchist Orchestrated Riots

Glenn Beck provides a  strategic historical Marxist context to recent riots in America. He then explains why they will not intensify to revolutionary proportions.

With regard to his last conclusion, I am not so certain. He presents that Americans are slow to anger and aggression.

To that I ask which class of Americans? Would that be the teeming populations in our ghettos, about 12 million  illegal immigrants who remain disenfranchised in our country, the many clandestine militias that arm themselves and prepare for civil war, the Marxist rioters and political operatives organized and finance by socialist/communist forces, or the so-called “silent majority” who act as though they have no “skin in the game”?

And, what about President Obama and his lying-cheating staffs of political minions, all radical liberal/progressives dedicated to “Transforming America“!?

In the end, the occurrence and outcomes of our riots may come down to numbers. It could even come down to a perception of the numbers, accurate or not.

We are in perilous times and it is a fact that historically the timing and outcomes of revolutionary activities are difficult to predict.

This video presentation is very informative and historically accurate, All Americans need to understand the origins and nature of these destructive forces.

We can only hope that Beck is correct in his predictions about the stability of America’s socioculture.

Please take time to watch Beck’s discussion of this important concern.

I will also urge you to watch the second video of Louis Farrakhan urging college students and members of his Nation of Islam to kill white people and “tear this G..-Damn Country apart”.

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney,  12/3/14

Greater Threats To Our Way Of Life

February 23, 2011

Greater Threats To Our Way Of Life

There is so much going on in the world and in America that it is hard to attend to it all and to understand “the big picture”. Failing to accurately interpret all of these historical events, and take appropriate action will spell disaster for we Americans .

I have not listened to Glenn Beck regularly because I am sometimes put of by matters of style. However, in the past several days I have chanced to hear some of his radio analyses of the current revolutionary happenings around the world and in the U.S.. Some of these events .are the Radical Islamic initiatives with Mexican drug cartels, the frighteningly fragile state of our economy, and the stunning power of public employee unions and their daily contact with, and influence in, the White House. And there is much more.

I must say that Glenn is now making more sense to me than I prefer. Furthermore, and for several strong reasons, I have come believe that America’s confluent and synergistic internal and external crises are a greater threat our way of life than anything in recent history, including WWI and WWII.

I urge you to tune-in to Glenn Beck’s shows and decide for yourself. I can assure you that you will hear nothing of the kind in the popular media. The popular media has been captured by progressive activists and the truth about our predicament will not be found there.

In a recent Imprimis article, It’s Never Just the Economy, Stupid, Brian T. Kennedy made a strong case for the threat that is radical Islam and Sharia Law abroad and within the United States. He then reviewed China’s military build-up and its plans to defeat us economically and militarily; Russia’s potential resurgence; the North Korean threat; as well as the Iranian threat and growing instability in numerous countries of the oil rich Middle East. This while our President Obama has enforced shutdowns in our own oil industry.

Kennedy warns that, with our narrowed focus upon a few rogue states and on our own internal problems such as Obama-care, we had better be certain that our representatives do not overlook their constitutional mandate to “provide for a common defense–in the true sense of the word” (Imprimis, Jan. 2011, Volume 40, Number 1).

As Kennedy said: It’s Never Just the Economy, Stupid“.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.


“Why Are Citizens So Blind?”

January 26, 2010

Why Are Citizens So Blind?”
Vic Palenske sent the following comment. I believe Vic’s thoughts  merited a general posting—so here it is.
VTM, 1/16/10
Your blog today was great.  I saw the same show ( I watch Beck every day since I am home then).  It was magnificent.  Of course, I see the production values of the filming, as much as the message and it was over and above for an afternoon ‘news’ show.  Why don’t liberals see what we/Beck sees?  Is the mass death justified in their eyes, or don’t they believe it, do they justify the passion of the socialist message while dismissing the genocide as just politics, or is the whole thing seen as a gross exaggeration?  No nuances here – if Hitler, Mao, Stalin/Lenin actually did it, then they did— its black and white.
My conservative values are really quite basic, as are yours.  Why are Mao, Che, and the Russians protected from students in school?  I differ with only one of your conclusions – that a similar situation could never happen in the US.  I differ in that with Obama chipping away our freedoms and our way of life sometimes it feels like the dictator nature of his predecessors ARE possible here.  A massive breakdown in our economy coupled with banning of firearms for citizens and enactment of an Acorn type organization with guns and instructions to control the population would go a long way toward a totalitarian existence.  Why are citizens so blind?   

Vic Palenske

Beck’s “Revolutionary Holocaust: Live Free or Die”

January 24, 2010

Beck’s “Revolutionary Holocaust: Live Free or Die”

Thanks, Frank,  for the URL of a review of Beck’s program. I watched Beck’s program intently and I think that the following review is, in the main, a fair one…with repectful support for Beck’s work near the end of the review.

There was not much history in this documentary that I was unaware of.  The murder of millions by totalitarian socialist/communist regimes, was certainly no surprise to anyone in their 60’s, or those who have read the history of such events. However, I was not fully aware of the full extent to which Mao and Stalin had used the starvation of their own populations in an attempt to implement their Marxist-Leninist social redesigns. It was reported that Stalin was personally responsible for the starvation of 7-10 million people in only one year. In the Ukraine, the citizens were left to starve as the grain they produced was confiscated and sold to provide funds to further Stalin’s personal political and cultural goals. It was reported that 10 million tons of grain were needed to avoid starvation and that the Ukrainians had produced over 12 millions tons of grain, which was confiscated.

It was estimated that 65 million chinese citizens were killed under Maoist Communism. Mao was identified as the greatest mass murderer in history, by a factor of 3 to 1.

It was estimated that 100 million citizens died under the rule of communism in the 20th Century. This, it was presented, accounts for more than the estimated death rate due to Small Pox and the Bubonic Plague.

Che’ Guevara, was portrayed as a sadist who enjoyed killing people. It was presented that Che’ embraced censorship of artists and intellectuals and  that he advocated killing people who did not agree with the goals of his revolution.

Beck did exposeand document the ignorant buffoonery of those on the radical left who wear or brandish Mao and Che’ memorabilia as they ” demonstrate for freedom”.  The program did spotlight the fact that significant numbers of our own citizens, miniature “black holes” for truth and reality,  have bestowed celebrity and near Sainthood upon Mao and Che’.

A  main point in this program was that our educational system and our media, along with the tollerance of  the rest of us, are responsible for not educating our youth about the true history and savagery of these Communist/Socialist movements.

There were a number of compelling  first person accounts of the horrors suffered by citizens living under these regimes.

I did not get the impression that Beck was trying to imply (as one reviewer thought) that such horrors would be perpetrated, in America  by Americans, any time soon. Rather, he concluded that too much governmental power in the hands of one, or a very few, is much more likely than Democratic rule  to lead to Revolutionary Holocausts.  Yes, Glenn Beck is very concerned that the federal government is gaining way too much power in our time and if unchecked, will lead to greater losses of our freedoms. I share this concern.

I was impressed with Glenn Beck’s efforts to educate America’s public through his special production. Some reveiwers called it propaganda. I will call it good propaganda!

If you want the “Whole Truth”, with all of its nuances, consider obtaining  a major in history.

For a  sample of the whole program, as well as other insights, go to the following URL.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 1/24/10

“Penny Wise or Pound Foolish”?

January 22, 2010

“Penny Wise or Pound Foolish”?

The following is a comment that  was submitted by Frank Fujita, relative to my “Live Free Or Die” post, yesterday.

Frank comments frequently on my posts and you can read his remarks by clicking on his name  under “recent comments” on the middle right side of my blog page.

Independent of your (or my)  political views, I believe that my fully posting his remarks will provide  food for thought, as will Glenn Beck’s program on Fox tonight at 5:00Pm Eastern ( Revolutionary Holocaust; Live Free Or Die).


Author : Frank Fujita

I don’t get cable — but if the show is available on the web, I’ll watch for at least 10 minutes.

In the meantime, the phrase “Live free or Die.” reminds me of a post by Connor Friedersdorf

If I may address the skeptics on the right directly, it is penny wise and pound foolish to worry about creeping tyranny via government-run health care or gun control when we’re another terrorist attack away from popular support for an archipelago of secret prisons where anyone can be whisked away and tortured without any evidence against them. Look to Europe if you doubt whether government-run health care or black sites run by secret police are a more immediate threat to the liberty of innocents.

Do you think that I exaggerate?

Know that one of the Gitmo Three was arrested at age 17, held for some years without being charged, and scheduled for release at the time of his death due to the military’s conclusion that no evidence linked him to al Qaeda or the Taliban. We may never know exactly how he and his fellow detainees died: A conclusive, independent autopsy is impossible because their bodies were returned to their families with their throats missing.

Thanks for your perspective, Frank


“Live Free Or Die”

January 21, 2010

Live Free Or Die”

I think that it is important, no matter your political/cultural  views, to listen to your loyal (or, maybe not so loyal) opposition.  So, regardless of your opinion on Glenn Beck, I recommend that you tune into a special program that he is airing tomorrow, Friday,  on Fox News at 5PM Eastern.

Beck’s program is entitled, “Revolutionary Holocost: Live Free Or Die”.  He states that he will expose the history that the entertainment media,  progressive liberals, socialists and communists  have hidden from our young for decades.  He also warns that the viewing will be unsuitable for children.

I have not seen this program, but I do urge you to tune in and form you own opinions.

Which I welcome you to share on this forum.

The following appears to be somewhat of a preview.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 1/21/10



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