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Female Marine Kicked-Out for “Fraternization”: Duuuh!

September 13, 2018

Female Marine Kicked-Out for “Fraternization”: Duuuh!

Don’t be silly. Of course there will be “fraternization” between military males and females when they are placed close proximity in the military…particularly when they are under great stress.

What in the hell would any rational adult expect?!

There has been increases in allegations of sexual harassment and other sexual improprieties up to, and including, rape. There will be fights over boyfriends and girlfriends and worse. There will be conflict over girlfriend’s girlfriends and boyfriend’s boyfriends.

There will be pregnancies and conflicts over paternity. Pregnant women will not be deployed when needed. There will be expulsions of both sexes from our military costing millions of dollars in wasted time, training and experience.

There will be an explosion of expensive and time-consuming military police and court cases. All of this and more will cost American tax payers countless millions of our dollars squandered for an idiotic and of a debilitating experiment with “social justice” in America’s military.

Wake-Up! Dumb as a Dodo Bird America!

Below is just another of way too many examples.

Please see my other posts about this self-destructive assault upon the readiness and effectiveness of America’s Military.

Go to the search box in the upper right side of my main page and type in “women in military”. All that I have written on the topic of women in combat, gays, and transsexuals, now admitted into America’s Military. Also see my older posts on this topic at the end of the first page of these topics. 

I am sickened by the damage to our military and society by America’s foolhardy military experimentation and have little more to say about it.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 9/13/18

Psychologist and Veteran of America’s Submarine Service.

I Told You So: Mixing Straight Men and Women and Gays In The Military

July 11, 2013

I Told You So: Mixing Straight Men and Women and Gays In The Military!

Well, who would have thought it?! By mixing straight men and women and then infusing gays into our military we have created a military that is distracted from killing enemies and destroying their home-bases of operation. Instead, America’s military is in a great tail-chase over bad sexual conduct.

There are two parts to this blog. First is my short summary of a USA Today Article from 5/8/13 on Military Sex Abuse. Second is an article with an imbedded video about the problems caused in our military by the admission of active and practicing gays.

The USA Today article documents 19,300 cases of sex assault in America’s military in 2010 and 26,000 cases in 2012. Our Boot-licking military brass promised that mixing straight men and women together in tight military quarters would not be a problem. They then promised the same about mixing gays among straights.

They were either lying to preserve their careers or they were disconnected from what went-on below their belts. They were either corrupt or they were simple dumb-asses.

It requires little more than mature common sense to understand the unavoidable outcomes of mixing sexually maturing (in many cases, sexually obsessed) young men and women, both straight and gay, into highly stressed close physical proximity.

I believe that history will remember these military/liberal governmental decisions to be just one, of a great many, liberal self-defeating actions among many taken during America’s meteoric decline.

As if to drive-home the image of America’s new and stupidly sexualized military, the USA Today article reported that an Air Force Chief Sexual Assault Prevention Officer was arrested on charges of groping a woman.

Now, please read about and see the video documenting some of the problems created by admitting openly gay personnel into our military. There are many more that are now “coming to light”……for those who are slow and dim-witted.

VTM, 7/11/13

The “Devil” Is In The Details and Delayed Outcomes

December 6, 2012

The “Devil” Is In The Details and Delayed Outcomes

Yes, our thoughts about happiness, freedom, and the right to do what we want, whenever we want,  are pleasant to contemplate. We find it logical that we should be able to do whatever we want with our own bodies, or that of others, so long as they are in consent with what we do together.

We feel so good and excited, immediately, when we act upon such thoughts and plans. Unprincipled politicians who grovel and prostitute themselves are eternally inclined to feed the wants and pleasures of the masses in return for more  votes and personal power .  We construct Political action groups to represent our fondest desires for pleasure and freedom from traditional cultural restraints on our behavior patterns; formerly labeled immoral, unethical, elicit, or vices.

In so many cases, the social sciences have not been able to prove, beyond a shadow of doubt, that such behavior patterns are greatly damaging to society. Our traditional moral values are all we have had to protect us from various deadly temptations. The moral precepts of our religions have lost much of their strength to govern the thoughts, voting preferences and personal actions of America’s population.

And so….as our Democratic Republic mutates more  into a thing guided by base licentiousness, we will find that the “devil” is in the details and the delayed outcomes of our increasingly self-centered behavior patterns. I cannot tell you about hell in the after-life, and I do not need to tell you about hell on earth, because we are all beginning to feel what it is becoming in America.

Of course there are many causes for the many painful socioeconomic changes that we have increasingly suffered in America–escalating since the 1960’s.  I judge that certain of our elective cultural changes have been a significant stimulant to various damaging complex causal chains and outcomes. Such chains of cause and effect interact with each other and then fold back upon themselves in synergistic causal cycles, with each passing generation.

My experiences as a professor/researcher and practicing psychologist have given me a perspective that those who work exclusively in these  domains are less likely to gain.

My concerns relate to the following and much more.

No-Fault divorce has wreaked havoc upon the stability of our families and the mental health of our children. From what I can tell, when it comes to marriage, easy out also leads to easy in which leads to more easy outs.

The legalization of pornography has contributed to increasing sexual behavior in our children and youth. It has also contributed to sexual aggression in adults as well as sexually transmitted disease, infidelity in relationships, and  sex crimes against our children.

Closely associated with the deregulation of pornography is the deregulation of profanity and explicit,  florid violence in our entertainment media. Science has clearly demonstrated that flooding a population with violent portrayals will increase rates of violent behavior within that population.

The legalization of gambling has led to a new wave of compulsive/addictive gambling problems.  This has contributed to the instability of families, increasing rates of bankruptcy, the development of compulsive gambling in children, and increasing suicide rates among problem gamblers…as well as many more social woes.

The decision to mix women and men in close combat situations, on ships and in submarines has contributed instability in families, increased separation of primary care-takers from children, and a host of social/sexual problems within our military.

The inclusion of flagrantly homosexual individuals in our military has further increased the number of social/sexual problems with which our military must contend.

Our military must out-perform all other militaries in the world. It must be the very best at killing and intimidating our mortal enemies. Increased energies expended to manage internal family/legal/social/sexual problems is a detriment to our military’s primary mission and our long-term survival.

This nation’s growing welfare programs have directly increased the rate of learned helplessness behavior patterns within our population. This population is increasingly irresponsible, hedonistic, lawless, undereducated, unemployed, and (with few exceptions) shows higher procreation rates than the rest of our population. This segment almost exclusively votes for politicians who will further their useless and socioculturally damaging life-styles. This population of takers will soon outnumber the population of makers.

States are increasingly legalizing marriage between homosexuals. I expect this revolutionary change in humankind’s social structure will significantly increase the costs and stresses upon participating sociocultures. This new practice is likely to increase the rate of homosexual experimentation among our youth.  It must also destroy the core meaning and purpose of marriage (sexual fidelity between husband and wife, procreation and familial stability for children). It will certainly increase the burdens on our legal and court systems with new demands for mediating spousal  abuse, divorces, child custody and visitation disputes. The costs of these problems will be passed on to the population-at-large.

Washington State and Colorado  have recently legalized marijuana. These states look forward to the revenues that they will be able to collect as a result of the new and taxable sales of this addicting substance. With respect to the many problems caused  by the new legal drug, consider this.  The legal drug of alcohol = 1. The legal drug of marijuana= 1. The sum of the damaging effects of these two legal drugs will be greater than 1 + 1 = 2.  The combined damaging effects could well be 4 to 8. The whole of the damage to our socioculture will be greater than the sum of its parts. You can expect increases in polysubstance abuse and dependency; damage to families, children and youth; increased employment, health, industrial problems and transportation accidents; increased demands on law enforcement, jurisprudence, and rehabilitation services and  increased tax money expenditures. The costs of all of this will be passed on to tax paying americans (now only 51-54 percent of the population).

I expect to see legalized prostitution soon. This will bring an increase in its own set of social and economic problems.

The damage from all of  these cultural  changes are catalyzed through the numerous psychological mechanisms of Behavioral Contagion, which I have defined and explained in other blogs under that title. You may wish to look-up Behavioral Contagion in my search window above.

You can be sure that devil is in the details and the damaging delayed consequences of our own behavior.  I fear that America is about to relearn some historically obvious lessons in painful and traumatizing  ways.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus of Psychology

Health Services Provider in Psychology

Progressive Politics and Sex In The Ranks

March 3, 2011

Progressive Politics and Sex In The Ranks

The military is no place for social experiments, especially in times of war.  It is not nice to say, but the military’s role is to instill fear of its unmatched ability to kill our enemies and destroy their things. Anything that detracts from this central and primary mission is foolishness. Such foolishness is often driven by civil political pandering.

The great push to include openly gay personnel in our military is more progressive foolishness which is coupled with the progressive foolishness of more fully integrating women with men in fields of combat, on our ships,  in our submarines, and in more intimate living and work relationships on our bases.

The outcome of these stupendous political-correctness pratfalls is what it has always been between young men and young women: SEX! 

The more young men and young women in close proximity, under stressful conditions, some having greater power over others: THE MORE SEX!

The sexual activity rates among gay men are documented to be much very much higher than among heterosexuals– so: MUCH MUCH MORE SEX!

A recent veteran of the U.S. Navy recently told me of his times at sea. He said that sex between male and female sailors on board was commonplace. He bragged that he had his woman, while at sea. He said that the sailors on board could not compete with the marines, who the woman sailors much prefered. He reported that some female sailors who wanted out of the navy, or even out of a particular deployment, purposefully became pregnant to achieve their goal.

In a March 2, USA TODAY article on page 8A, the problem of only one form of unwanted sex in the military is discussed: “Pentagon Falls Short in Tackling Sexual Assault in The Ranks”.

 A more accurate title would have been “Progressive Politics Cause More  Sexual Assault in The Ranks”.

The article reported that ” In 2009 alone, more than 3,200 servicemembers reported sexual assaults. That was up 20% since 2007, though it is unclear whether the increase reflects more incidents or better reporting.”

Well, folks, “better reporting” could play a factor. But, only enraptured liberals would inflate that factor to deny this politically- based debacle. The article went on to discuss ways to address this problem. But any way, short of greater separation of the sexes in the military, will fail.

Failing to provide for the greater separation of the sexes (and exclusion of active homosexuals) in the military will lead to an increasing diversion of our dwindling human resources away from intimidating, killing and destroying our enemies into futile social re-engineering for sex problems in the military that progressive social engineering created in the first place.

Another fine example of a politically progressive sink-hole of self-defeating behavior.

Wake-up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.    3/3/11

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