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Transgender Social Problems, Etc.: Good Luck America!!

March 22, 2012

Transgender Social Problems, Etc.: Good Luck America!

Following yesterdays blog on Gay Rights two individuals on my blog list wrote me and asked that I remove their name from my list. One called me closed-minded, intolerant and unChristian.

I guess that I just touched the “third rail” of our cultural revolution. Ninety-eight people read my blog yesterday perhaps. Perhaps more will email me and request to be removed from my blog list. I will immediately and respectfully do so .

I know it’s not easy to think aboutthis matter. But for those who support the purposeful social engineering of radically blurred traditional psychosexual roles, welcome to the social anarchy and chaos that awaits us in the 21 st. century.

There is a very big and powerful  learning mechanism studied by social psychologist called modeling and imitation. Put simply, we imitate what we see others do. Monkey see, monkey do— and we are the monkeys.

The gay and lesbian political movement trumpets that homosexual behavior is all biological. I would not be surprised if there were a genetic component in many who live an enduring homosexual life-style and there is some evidence to support that theory.

However, there is overwhelming evidence that sexual values and appetites are also conditionable and that their frequency of occurrence within a population can be learned by imitating others who prominently display their homosexual behaviors and values. All of this, of course, will be vividly amplified and made explicit through our liberally-biased media, judicial system and government.

Sociocultures are infinitely plastic. But they cannot be so, willy-nilly, and expect to survive. What the universe will reward amongst its sociocultures is clearly not infinite. Only the uneducated, the naive, or the dream-locked ideologue could believe that.

For societies to reinforce what you see in the following two videos, and all maladaptive things similar,  in the name of freedom and open-mindedness, is to increase the rate of its occurrence within their populations. Only be then will it be discovered that their society can no longer cope in a hostile and pernicious universe.

But the discovery will probably come to late.

Let us not be so open-minded that our brains fall out.

I have, at best, only another decade to observe America’s radical social experiments and their summating outcomes, which fuels our continued decline.

I continue to fear for my children and grandchildren.

Good Luck America!

See what you think in the videos below.

This next video can be viewed (amplified by the media) as funny. But lots of little boys want to grow up to be fire-fighters. Monkey see, monkey do.

VTM, 3/22/12

Gay and Lesbian Rights

March 21, 2012

Gay and Lesbian Rights

The following is a major issue soon to be voted upon by the City Council in my home town. I have sent my response to the Mayor and each Council member.

I do fear that it will pass and that will be just one more radical left victory over the morals, values, mores and folkways that once made us great.

You can see the issues involved in the following South Bend Tribune article.

The following is my response:

Please vote no on the proposed “human rights” ordinance before the City Council. This ordinance grants special rights, based upon sexual behaviors and life-styles, that are damaging to the traditional religious and family lifestyles of the vast majority of citizens in our area and America. It was these traditions, among other resources, that formed the bedrock of our socioculture that became the greatest in history.

America is now, and has been for some time, in steep decline. Voting yes on the ordinance in question, will accelerate that decline.

This ordinance discriminates against people of faith, employers and essential charity groups simply because they hold to the traditional values that most Hoosiers and their fellow Americans share.

These kinds of ordinances will destroy traditional groups like the Boy Scouts, the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities that are under relentless attacks by the political agendas of various secular humanist, radical left, and post-modern political action groups like the Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD). Such an ordinance is a stepping stone to governmentally mandated gay marriage.

This ordinance is radical and divisive. It also places women and children at risk by allowing people with a gender identity disorder, or simply a man who chooses to wear a dress, to enter a women’s restroom or ladies locker room.

I mean no disrespect or harm to any law-abiding gay or lesbian person. But victories for gay and lesbian political action initiatives are certain losses to our Judeo/Christian moral/value system that is now the deteriorating fabric of our historically luminescent socioculture.

This controversial ordinance has failed five times for good reasons. Please vote it down again, or I and others will do our best to vote you down.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus of Psychology





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