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“10 Reasons Why Hillary Should Not be President”

August 3, 2016

“10 Reasons Why Hillary Should Not be President”

Few people know Hillary Clinton better than her former advisor, Dick Morris. He will now tell you ten reasons she should never be President. These reasons should be obvious to any one who has done their homework, but doing our homework is time-consuming and it is a very busy life for most of us.

I have studied Hillary’s history and her flawed personality for many years and I know what follows is true.  However, Dick Morris has been within Hillary and Bill Clinton’s’ inner-circle of advisors and he is an expert on both of their personalities and behavior patterns.

Immediately following eight years of Obama’s disastrous progressive policies, Hillary’s own similar, but intensified, policies will destroy the last vestiges of our once Great America!

Please take time to evaluate the 10 major points against a Hillary Clinton Presidency, send this blog to everyone you know and then vote accordingly.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 8/3/16

Obama-Care: American’s Will Be “Culled From The Herd”!

April 13, 2013

Obama-Care: American’s Will Be “Culled From The Herd”!

 I attended a medical presentation on obese children the other night.

I spoke-up for local strategies to improve this endemic problem in America and asserted that Federal Government interventions bloated government and created unworkable and expensive designs that were destroying America.

After the program, I was assailed by an angry woman who said, “I suppose you are not for Obama-Care!”. I said I was not and she became further enraged at me.

No logic would have helped to convince her of the social disaster that is about to overtake us. I am 71 years old and fully expect to be “culled from the herd” when I become seriously ill.

If you think that it is only the aged that will fall prey to inhumane, even murderous, medical cost-management initiatives, you had better think again!

Very expensive medical interventions for children, teens and young adults that do not promise near-certain cures will increasingly be forbidden. This will be just one natural result of the progressive/socialistic practices that are damaging America’s society and economy.  The end result will be the destruction of our ability to care for our citizens in great need. This will be a far worse outcome than existed before Obama-Care.

See the following video for glimpse at your future.

Wake-Up America!

Thanks to Lee Hornack for sending this video my way.

Obama-Care: Euthanasia For Elders!

July 29, 2012

Obama-Care: Euthanasia For Elders!

I assume that many who read this title will think that I am overstating the problem, even responding hysterically. Well, I am not.

A dear friend with a heart condition told me that his heart specialist informed him that at 70 years of age, he could no longer have his regular heart screenings. These screenings have averted lethal events through preventive interventions.

He told me that the physician informed him that he could do the screenings if he came in at around the regularly scheduled times and complained of something heart related. Under those circumstances, and only under those circumstances… with the advent of Obama-Care, could he do the customary tests that previously had saved my friend’s life.

The physician told him that he was not to tell others what he said, or he would deny ever having said such a thing.

Some may think that I have made this story up, just to scare them into voting against Obama. They would be damn wrong. My parents despised liars and they taught me to follow their own fine ethical practices.

However, you should vote against Obama for President for many reasons…and this is just one of them.

See Dick Morris (below) tell you more of the details of Obama-Care: Euthanasia For Elders. You had better believe it…it is real! How do you think an increasingly Marxist America would deal with the exploding demographic of us old folks?!

VTM, 7/29/12

Thanks to Howard Hawkinsfor sending this video to me. Thanks another good buddy, who will remain unnamed, for telling me his very personal story.

Obama’s American Civil Imprisonment: No Trial–Indefinitely!

March 24, 2012

Obama’s American Civil imprisonment: No Trial–indefinitely!

The title says it all. Obama continues to TRANSFORM  America.

Watch this, or go to jail!

Thanks for sending this to me, Vic Palenske.

VTM. 3/24/12

More About Ron Paul!

January 1, 2012

More About Ron Paul!

My last post provided a brief focus upon Ron Paul and the need for voters to consider that what he is calling libertarianism is actually a radical liberal political movement.

I will not describe all people who call themselves Libertarians as radical Liberals, but I have met some that definitely are. These individuals are radical liberals,  in my view, because they espouse nearly everything that Ron Paul does.

To elect President Obama to another term would further solidify America’s unmistakable decline. To Elect Ron Paul to the Presidency would markedly accelerate the destruction of America.

Take another, more in-depth view of Ron Paul, and see if you are not in agreement with me.

VTM, 1/1/12

P.S. We will have a chance at a Happy New Year if President Obama is defeated and a candidate with strong conservative/constitutional values and politics is elected. Otherwise, welcome to hell on earth.

Yes, Lee Hornack, this video needs to be seen by all. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

“No Federal Funds For Ground Zero Mosque”

August 30, 2011

No Federal Funds For Ground Zero Mosque

The preceding is Dick Morris’ and Eileen McGann’s title for their article about the possible U.S. Governmental funding for building an Islamic Mosque at ground zero.

As a  psychologist, I fear that  America has had a psychotic breakdown. If this actually happens and our taxes are spent to build a Mosque at Ground Zero, when it is against our laws for the government  to build any church, my fears are confirmed. 

And New York will prohibit indiginous religious leaders from participating in the up-coming  9/11 commemoration ceremony?!!

America will need to be on a regimen of antipsychotic medication.

You must read the following article about this great threat to America.

Also, you must  watch the video which follows, in which Mr. Morris explains his concerns.

I hope you will sign Dick Morris’ petition to quash this Islamic Stealth Jihad initiative in America.

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

Radical Islam’s Intent to Destroy Us

September 8, 2010

Some Doubt Radical Islam’s Intent to Destroy Us

Some doubt that Radical Islam’s intent is to destroy the America and all of Western Culture by terrorist and other stealth means. They think that the only target within these borders are the enclaves of more moderate Islamists who they wish to bring back under control of Shariah Law.

I have found evidence to suggest that the latter goal is indeed part of Radical Islam’s strategy, but it is naive and very dangerous to assume that this is all they are dying to achieve.

The following is a Quote from the book Catastrophe, by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann (2009).

“There is a worldwide, religiously powered movement to undermine and conquer our Western and American way of life. One of the key tools of this movement is Shariah-compliant financing. It is a practice, orchestrated by Muslim extremists, that is designed to use the oil-generated wealth and economic clout of key Islamic nations to hijack our institutions, our social policies, and, ultimately, our values in the name of Islamic rule.

If this movement continues to gain in power and influence, it will, indeed be a Catastrophe for our way of life.

Meet Sheikh Muhammad Taqui Usmani. He is a prominent Islamic scholar and former justice of the Pakistani Shariah Appellate Court. In 1999, in addition to his Pakistani judicial role, Heikh Taqi Usmani got a new day job: Dow Jones, HSBC, and many other top financial institutions hired him to advise them on where to invest hundreds of millions of dollars! And this was no short-term trial run: in March of this year, Dow Jones announced its ‘celebration’ of the program’s tenth anniversary (although Usmani recently had to resign)” (p. 265).

Morris and McGann go on to document more : The Sheikh urges ‘that Muslims living in the West conduct violent Jihad against the infidels at every opportunity’ (p. 265). Reference was provided.

“In his book Islam and Modernism, he proclaims that, in the West, the ‘killing is to continue until the unbelievers pay Jizyah after they are humbled or overpowered.’ Jizyah is a tax collected from every non-Muslim adult living in a Muslim land; the tax is meant as a symbol of subjugation to the Islamic state and laws” (P.265). This was given with a reference.

The Sheikh further stated: “At least in my humble knowledge there has not been a single incident in the entire history of Islam where Muslims had shown their willingness to stop Jihad just for one condition that they will be allowed to preach Islam freely. On the contrary, the aim of Muslims as declared by them in the battle of Qadsia was ‘To take our people from the rule of people [i.e.,representative government] and put them under the rule of Alla’ ” (p. 265). This was given with reference.

Wake-up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D. 9/6/10

“Class Warfare”

March 11, 2010

“Class Warfare”

The following is from Moris’ andMcgann’s book: Catastrophe… And How To Fight Back.

P. 47, “Under the guise of a stimulus package to bring the economy out of its recession, the Obama administration is reworking the fundamental politics of our country, passing out checks like heroin to create a constituency addicted to public handouts, and concentrating the tax burden of paying for it all on a smaller and smaller number of Americans. A larger percentage of the American population is paying no income taxes at all and few other levies, making them unlikely to complain when taxes are raised on those who do.”

P. 47, “In the past, when we voted to embark on new spending, we understood that we’d all have to share the burden. And we accepted that. We all agreed that the rich should pay more and the poor less, but we knew we’d all have to shoulder some of the freight.”

P. 47, “But when Obama’s tax program is fully implemented, a majority of Americans will be exempt from paying any federal income taxes. And, instead of the tax bill most of them will get checks from Washington every year.”

Dear friends, read this  book. Once the majority is on the dole, they can easily  be led to rape and  plunder the top  producers of great wealth in America and we will enter deep decline from which there may be no return.

 A larger percentage of the American population is paying no income taxes at all and few other levies, making them unlikely to complain when taxes are raised on those who do.”

Damn it! Wake up America!




March 1, 2010


I am reading Dick Morris & Eileen McGann’s Book, Catastrophy…And How to Fight Back.  So far I am impressed with the documentation as well as their straight-forward writing style. There are plenty of graphics that are also clear and very informational.

on p. 24, he notes that “historically, the adjective ‘socialist’ has referred to people who believe that the government should own the means of production”.

He then states on p. 25, ” In modern geopolitics, however, the term ‘socialist’ refers broadly to the Social Democratic ideology followed by the left-leaning political parties of Western Europe, who want to expand the role of government in their countries. They want to establish a broader cradle-to-grave social welfare system and to widen the influence of public institutions”

He notes that the best way to judge where any particular nation is on the scale of socialism to capitalism, is to calculate that nations percent of GDP derived from governmental spending.

He then notes that before president Obama’s spending proposals, the total government spending of the U.S. was 36.4.%.  Eight major nations are more socialistic than we are (Japan 37.5%, Canada 40.1%, United Kingdom 43.7 %, Netherlands 47.1%, Germany 47.5%, Italy 48.6%. France 54.0%., and  Sweden 57.0%).

Morse then provides a table of calculations ( p. 25) which factor in the additional governmental spending proposed under Obama and raises the percent of U.S. government spending of GDP to 49.4%.  

Under President Obama’s spending (stimulus package, supplemental appropriations, health care) we shoot up to near the head of the socialist class! We  are just ahead of Italy, only to be surpassed by France and Sweden.

Wow! If we allow Obama to continue on his merry spending program, we will soon be able to claim our position as the #1 socialist nation among our peers. Just wonderful……..

Thankfully, he concludes by relieving my civic conscience. He assures that calling Obama’s spending programs,”socialist is no political slur. It’s a simple description”.

I am now greatly relieved! How about you?

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.   3/1/2010


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