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Detroit is Coming To Your Neighborhood

March 25, 2012

Detroit is Coming To Your Neighborhood

From Mark Steyn’s book, After America: Get Ready for Armageddon.

Start of quotations:

An unemployable, dysfunctional citizenry, a rapacious government, crime ridden streets, and an education system that dignifies moronization as a self-esteem program: in Detroit, everything other than government is dead. (p.222).

Decay sets in imperceptibly, but it accelerates, and, by the time you notice it, it’s hard to reverse. Somewhere like Detroit isn’t Somalia, not yet. But like other parts of the country it is en route to Latin America—a society with a wealthy corrupt elite that controls the levers of power, and beneath it a great swamp of poverty, whose inhabitants divide into two species—predators and prey. The Motor City is the Murder City, with one of the highest homicide rates on the planet—and 70 percent of them go unsolved.

It will not seem quite such an outlier in the future. (p. 223)

End of quotations.

The truth can  motivate you to do good things, but first it will make you miserable.

Wake-up America!


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