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Children Need God!

August 14, 2021

The following is a Prager University short video of a psychotherapist discussing the reasons why children need God and other’s of Faith in their lives, even if parents are atheist’s or agnostics.

The psychotherapist’s arguments are research-based and strong. I endorse them.

Please see this important video.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Indiana University South Bend

President, Behavioral Psychological Family Services and Practicing Psychotherapist

Gonzo On Political Correctness

April 30, 2011

Gonzo On Political Correctness

Gonzoreality is a new blog on the cyber-block. Gonzo posted a comment to my recent blog on voter I.D. that I thought was pretty, pretty good. While he or she and I may not agree on all issues, this perspective, cleverly constructed, deserves to be front and center.

VTM,  4/30/11

Visit Gonzo’s blog, the address is below.

I agree completely that everyone should be carded.
Oh, and people may feel bad if they have to pick out clothes from the “big people” rack, so all clothes should be one size fits all. While we are at it, lets make sure everyone has equal opportunity in the world. We can’t discriminate against people just because they may be a little smarter than the other person, so I say we make passing doctor school and licenses easy enough so that almost anyone can be a doctor. Yes, thats it, absolutely, because afterall, what is important is celebrating diversity by making sure that everyone feels exactly the same. Now THAT is supreme liberal thinkin’.

The liberal/political correctness crowd enjoy pushing Darwinism…and in fact they are proof of evolution – and that evolution can go in reverse.

All kidding aside, I think PC started out simply to make a point and somewhere along the way it took on a life of its own. Unfortunately, they forgot to develop the ‘Stop’ button when they created this monster.

Newsflash: People are different.

It Hurts To Laugh!

February 18, 2011

 It Hurts To Laugh!

chuck asay
Wed, Feb 9, 2011
bob gorrell
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    VTM,         2/18/11

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