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Without Religion, You Can’t Hire Enough Cops!

January 2, 2015

Without Religion, You Can’t Hire Enough Cops!

I can assure you that the statement above is true.

America’s founding principles are based upon Judeo/Christian Precepts. It appears that “Modernity”, as manifested in the main features of what is now called the “Post-Modern Era” is in many ways incompatible with these religious rules-for-living within a democracy (more accurately, in our case, a Constitutional Republic).

Some may think that the main challenge to America, now, is find a way to make its Religions compatible with Modernity. But the religious principles and laws central to Judeo/Christian  beliefs, as illustrated by all history are not infinitely malleable.

The belief in God and His Commandments are inviolate for the attainment of a fair measure sociocultural success on earth.

However, I must argue that this is a necessary, though not a sufficient condition for sociocultural success on earth…a superior military and civil police force, etc. are also necessary.

The so-called Post-Modern Era will have to find a way accommodate all of this or it will lead to “hell on earth”.

See the video below and tell me what you think.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 1/2/15

P.S. Thanks to Lee Horack for sending this video to me.

The Science of Culture

July 30, 2009

The Science of Culture

Harris, Marvin (1979). Cultural Materialism: The Struggle for a Science of Culture. New York, NY: Vintage Books.

This book is a complicated and academic read with profound implications for the understanding of what drives the constant changes in cultures: The changes that we call evolution. Harris has written numerous books that are essential to our understanding of what has happened, what is now happening, and what may be happening to America in the near future.

I will discuss Harris’ pertinent concepts and observations as they become relevant to my own writings in my Boiling the American Frog material.

V.T.M., 7/30/09

Value of a Reseach Strategy

July 30, 2009

The following quote is taken from Marvin Harris’, Cultural Materialism: The Struggle for a Science of Culture (p. 77).

“The value of a research strategy does not reside in the profundity of its epistemological viewpoint or the luminosity of its abstract theoretical principles; it lies in the cogency of its substantive theories. Only the capacity of a research strategy’s theories to penetrate beneath the surface of phenomena, to reveal new and unsuspected relationships, to tell us why and how things are what they are, can justify its existence. Furthermore, what we want from a strategy is not just a list of disjointed, isolated, and mutually irrelevant or contradictory theories, but and organized set of consistent and concise theories; not the definitive answer to every conceivable question, but tentative answers to important questions over broad and continuously expanding frontiers of knowledge.”

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