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Common Core: Pushing Education Down-Hill

March 30, 2014

Common Core: Pushing Education Down-Hill

On 3/21/14, I published a blog about the threat to States Rights in Education that is the privately conceived curriculum of Common Core. Common Core represents a coercive take-over of the education of the majority of American children by our Federal Government.

If you have not seen my former blog  on Common Core, I urge you to review it before continuing to consider the present one.

Among the many problems with Common Core, it insists that students be taught strange and overly complicated ways to solve math problems. In addition, it is lowering the school standards for mathematics claiming that higher math skills are not needed for securing a job in the work-place upon graduation from high school.

See an example of Common Core mathematics requirements and a mathematically skilled parent’s response to his child’s assignment below.

For another sad perspective, see the following letter of resignation (with further justification) from an experienced kindergarten teacher who has concluded that Common Core has destroyed her ability to teach her children effectively. The teacher states that increasingly frequent data training, testing, and conferences about student behavior problems is making it impossible for her to teach her children effectively.

She further asserts that Common Core is making impossible demands upon her students causing them increasing levels of frustration, feelings of failure and behavior problems.

Please review the following and see what you think.

Wake-Up America!

VTM, 3/30/14

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