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I’m Finished With Common Core!

April 5, 2014

I’m Finished With Common Core!

This will be my last post on the topic of Common Core…I hope.

If you do not have the time to read the following, please go to the video at the bottom of the page. It is an excellent summary of the damages of Common Core.

The goals of Common Core are to more uniformly provide Americas students K-12 with better math, science, and reading skills in order to more effectively compete with their international peers and to improve the failing performance of high school graduated in our colleges and businesses.

Common Core was initiated in 2009 by state leaders from 48 States, the District of Columbia. The National Governor’s Association For Best Practices Center, The Council for Best Practices Center and the Council of Chief State School Offices. Representatives from these organizations worked together to construct the Common Core State Standards.

The attempt was to gain agreement among the states on academic proficiency levels for each grade level and graduation from high school. To this end, college and career standards were first developed and they were then reduced to standards for each grade level.

Spokespersons for Common Core emphasize that these standards were developed with imput from teachers, standards experts, administrators, parents, and other experts from across the United States. They report that there were two public comment periods during which around 10,000 comments were gathered.

Once the Common Core State Standards were written, States are reported to have voluntarily adopted the standards through their existing political processes. I will soon dispute the notion that States “voluntarily adopted” these standards. As you will see there were powerful financial inducements to do so from President Obama’s Federal Administration.

It should be noted that such adoptions are generally made by State School Boards. In some States adoptions are made by State Superintendents of Education, State Legislatures, or the Governor.

Thus far, 44 States have adopted Common Core.

In spite of appearances of strong, near universal support of Common Core by educators, many teachers are now frustrated and angry about its effects upon them and their students. They are also upset about the way it is being “rolled-Out”. In fact, the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers, having endorsed it in 2009, now have significant reservations about Common Core.

The problem, as someone put it, is “support for Common Core was a mile-wide and an inch deep”. When educators across the country learned what was in Common Core and how it would affect them, support quickly began to turn to opposition. For example, the American Federation of Teachers President Randi Wingarten said: “If you think Obama Care is bad, the implementation of Common Core is much worse”.

The author of a recent National Review article identified features of Common Core that are currently being criticized by educators.

Common Core was implemented on a political time-frame, not an educational one. It was driven by President Obama’s Race To The Top Program and its relationship to No Child Left Behind waivers. Furthermore, nearly all states committed to the Federal implementation schedule in order to compete for Race To The Top grants and to avoid the severe consequences to failing to measure-up to the No Child Left Behind requirements.

Educator opposition should be no surprise. When Common Core transitioned from concepts to actual tasks and standards to be met, as well as student and teacher evaluations. The “chickens came home to roost”.

Finally, educators and their Unions are upset that, as with Obama Care, President Obama has tried to force the Common Core school reform initiatives onto States as quickly as possible and using any means possible.

Currently, nine States have withdrawn from Common Core, four States are actively considering withdrawing, and four States never joined.

In the final analysis, another Statist top-down, central government massive social engineering/cultural panning scheme is failing. So what is new!

Like so many other things, education is best left to States, with very strong influence by local communities, teachers and parents.

American education has become far to bureaucratized. It is an unwieldy leviathan that stifles the will, creative energies and freedom of parents and teachers to strive for excellence, as they once customarily did. It was parents and teachers ability to work together to control the quality of our children’s education that  helped to propel America into world leadership.

We must recapture this Constitutionally mandated cultural design to reverse our decline. This will not be easy or painless.


 The following is an excellent 4 minute video about the damages done by Common Core. You will have to scroll down through a very informative article to reach this video…it will be worth the trip.

VTM, 4/4/14

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