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Grin and Bare it!

April 3, 2018

Grin and Bare It!

VTM, 4/3/18




A.F. Branco · Mar. 27, 2018




California: America’s Post-Modern Sodom and Gomorrah

August 15, 2013

California: America’s Post-Modern Sodom and Gomorrah

Well, “Calipornia” has won the contest.

No other area of America is more bizarre with regard to their sexually damaging “transformational” efforts with children and teens.

Gay, Bi, Lesbian and Transgender political action groups have conspired with old progressive California Governor Jerry Brown to mandate that children in kindergarten through high school, with a “deep conviction” of their transgender sexual identity, (I am biologically a boy, but I feel like a girl; and visa versa) will have the right to use opposite sex bathrooms, dressing rooms, and join opposite sex sports teams.

These paraphilic (exhibitionism and voyeurism) opportunities are now available, reportedly without parental permission, on the basis of a child’s simple proclamation of their cross-gender sexual Identity.

What you need to understand is that no one knows how many true transgender youths there are. Also, there is no clear and validated proof as to whether an individual is actually a “transgender”, someone who is simply struggling with their emerging psycho/social/sexual identity…..or, perhaps someone who is exercising a new variant of the youthful traditions of rebellion and extreme nonconformity.

Once again, the forces of America’s undoing have sacrificed the welfare of the vast majority for a miniscule minority.

I want you to look at the many faces of the politicos and activists who are celebrating around Governor  Brown as he signs this bill into law:  What do you see?

I see a histrionic, near-orgasmic, giddy-childish celebration of another victory among the minority sexual forces of America’s destruction .

The Satanic-like strategy is simple enough. Destroy the sexual-identities of our children and the traditional American Culture  will collapse like a flimsy house of cards.

Traditional America, fight for your children’s lives or die!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.

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