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America’s Fascist Universities Grow More Fascist

April 28, 2017

America’s Fascist Universities Grow More Fascist

It is axiomatic that socialists, communists, fascists, and now modern progressives/democrats, all use the same revolutionary play-book.

They foment an incremental form of revolution to suite their “half-assed”, historically failure-based, delusional, pie-in-the-sky Utopian dreams by capturing the educational system and contaging young future voters with their special brand of “psychosis”.

As I use the term “psychosis” in this context, it not meant to be the ICD-10 formal definition of a clinical psychosis. The special brand of “psychosis” that I refer to is seen in people who do not come under the control of the widely known and documented history of the horrors and murderous failures of their favorite rigidly held faith in socialistic and communistic political systems.

This contagion/conversion has normally been done at the barrels of guns. But in America, and elsewhere, it is now being done surreptitiously, right under the noses of unsuspecting parents.

Wake-Up America!

Terminate Tax funds to Universities and Colleges, all schools for that matter, that abridge the 1st Amendment by intimidating or punishing those who exercise their American Right to Free Speech!

You must read the following.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 4/28/17

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