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Societal Death by Infertility

January 18, 2019

Societal Death by Infertility.

From all that I have read, I have learned that this form of sociocultural decline has probably existed forever. The exact cause or causes of the decline in fertility, in long-established societies are unknown. However there are many intelligent thoughts about such causes (I.e., stress, modernizing, loss of religious beliefs, and more).

From all that I have learned, once a society’s fertility rate falls below it’s own replacement-of-population level, historically, the trend does not reverse. It normally does not reverse even with governmental encouragement and special support for increased fertility within the population.

I suspect that this “seemingly natural” (I.e., all living things eventually die) is one, perhaps immutable, mechanism of death to long existing sociocultures. This apparently inescapable fate, may underlay the age-old societal population-augmenting methods of raiding other tribes, cities or states to kidnap individuals needed for a declining sociocultures own survival, or as we now see, instituting open border policies in so many modernizing societies; including our own. 

See one example below

You will note that the author of this article ends it with a hopeful statement about the reversibility of these trends. He provided, as an example, country’s in Northern Europe. The only problem is, the article above is about countries in Northern Europe!

The article below documents the growing fertility crisis around the world.

I judge that it is essential for America (and other nations) to face the fact of a seemingly inexorable natural force of sociocultural Death by Infertility. What is to be done about this concern to promote long-term survival of sociocultures is yet to be learned.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 1/18/19

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