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Thomas Sowell Tells It Like It Is.

August 18, 2011

Thomas Sowell Tells It Like It Is.

I hope you will read Thomas Sowell’s article from

Who will reproduce more children the rioters or the non-rioters? Who, between these two groups, will abandon and abuse their children  more often? Which group will have their children taken from their care and placed into the State Child Protective Services? Whose children will be more likely to suffer low I.Q, ADHD, and other mental disorders? Whose children are more likely to kill or hurt others? Whose children are more likely to end up in prison?

Again, whose childlren are more likely to have more children who do more of all of the above?

Let me introduce you to the name of the thing that threatens America, and other Nations more than anyone knows. I call it Behavioral Pathogenic Contagion.  It is real. It is driven by human behavior patterns and it contages others through well-researched biopsychosocial mechanisms (Genetics, Social Learning, and various forms of Positive Reinforcement and more).

The great tragedy is that this clear and ever-present phenomenon is not recognized and used in the design and maintenance of our sociocultures.

Please read Sowell’s article.

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