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Bad Taste

September 15, 2009

Bad Taste

 Those who remember better times often lament the days when children were more commonly taught to be respectful to others. For many reasons, all powered by permissiveness and timidity, we have failed as a culture to teach this essential trait to our future.

The all-to-common bumper-stickers read, “shit happens”, “unless you’re a hemorrhoid, get off my ass”, “I’d slap you but shit splatters”, and there is worse.

The lowly bumper sticker accurately summarizes the state disrespect, bad taste, and bad citizenship which increasingly pervade our culture: thousands of examples forged into one.

I said to an acquaintance, “there should be a law against displaying such bumper-stickers–I’d like give the jerk a ticket”. Sounding a bit like a recorded message he said, “You can’t do that it’s a free country. The constitution protects the right to free speech”.

Yes, of course, the Supreme Court has “ruled” on this matter. But, what is supreme about the Supreme Court? The fact is that if a liberal is in the White House, liberals are appointed to the supreme court. If a conservative is in the white house, conservatives are appointed to the supreme court. The Supreme Court and it’s rulings are not supreme– they are political.

My question is: Do you think the framers of our constitution would support a law forbidding the public display of profanity on the horse drawn carriages of their day?

We have an obligation to rail against those “supreme” interpretations of the constitution which rip the founding values and ethics from the fabric of our culture.

Billy Budd

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