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American War On Religion

December 21, 2011

American War On Religion

The war is really between secular humanism and spiritual religion. I can have no faith in the religion of secular humanism on the simple basis of human imperfectability.  When is the last time we have met the perfect human?

In the war between secular humanism and spiritual religion, one cannot win without the other loosing. Spiritual religion in America is clearly loosing and it has yet to fight back in modern times.

I am in favor of America allowing the symbols of religious holidays to be displayed on what is called public property. It is common to say that public property should be open to the public.  If there is controversy over such matters, it can be settled at the local level. I believe the 10th Amendment of the Constitution should ordinarily apply to such matters.

The concept of “separation of Church and State” was never meant to be applied at its current micro-level of dictatorial  control of faith-based language and symbols.

I am very happy to see the following. How about you?

VTM, 11/21/11

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