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Islam In America = Race and Religious Civil War!

January 10, 2016

Islam In America = Race and Religious Civil War!

I didn’t want to write the title to this blog. But, I could die a liar if I did not.

I am presenting what I consider to be facts in support of my strong assertions below.

Please study the supporting documentary videos and evaluate my logic. Criticisms are always welcome.

These are the facts as I know them:

  • We are in World War III with radical Islam

There should be no need to document evidence supporting this assertion.The truth is undeniable for those who have worked to be informed about Islamic stealth Jihad and Islamic violent Jihad around the world and in America.  

But, if supporting data are needed:

  • America is experiencing the beginning of a civil war. The civil war is between Islam and America’s power structure, including individual citizens identified as “Infidels”.

  •  If America chooses to tolerate a protracted third world war and a concurrent civil war, it is doubtful that it can survive as a world power and viable socioculture.

This is my considered opinion, based upon my 30 year study of the America’s decline, its current economic condition, corrupted political system and our weak and highly volital socioculture.

This, at a time when Islam is growing disproportionately in America and elsewhere, and when significant percent of Muslims support violent Jihad.

  • Progressive politicians in America and most of our liberal media are lying to us about the non-violent and violent Jihad perpetrated by Islamic terrorists in America and elsewhere.

  •  A central strategy of progressive politicians is the strategic lie, and the skilled use of the liberal media to promulgate their deceptive propaganda. Their main goal is the “Transformation” of the American political system and all of society.

  • President Obama is an Islamic operative. His declaration of his goal to “Transform America”, was his declaration of the Marxist-Socialist and Islamic stealth Jihad that he would wage during his entire Presidency. Part of his strategy has been to cover for Islamic terrorists who conduct violent Jihad within America and in the world.

Wake-Up America!

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.



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