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Silent Majority Patriots: It Is Time To March On Washington!

March 21, 2021

Silent Majority Patriots of both Political Parties: You damned-well better make yourselves heard and accounted for!

The Marxist Biden/Harris Administration is wantonly focused upon destroying America’s Constitutional Republic. It is doing so by inflaming a clear and obvious ongoing American Socialist/Communist Revolution.

This in pursuit of power and political control in perpetuity.

America!  It is do or die. You must march on Washington; to the Whitehouse, too the Supreme Court and anywhere else that you can persuasively scream and nonviolently agitate for the nullification of the traitorous Biden Administration.

America in now facing an existential crisis of overwhelming proportions. The Biden Administration is doing everything in its power to destroy America.

Please, Please, Please, see Judge Jeanine’s impassioned indictment of our corrupted politicians (in both parties) who are, through their actions and inactions, fanning the flames of America’s Great Undoing at the border and throughout our great civilization!

Patriotic citizens must now take take peaceful but raucous action! It is now, or very possibly never.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 3/21/21

You must see this video!

America’s Great Undoing

March 13, 2019

America’s Great Undoing.

America: We are in big trouble!

The forces of our undoing have attacked our educational system, our religion, our judicial system, our economic system, our political system, our border security and our Constitution. 

Below is a powerful video expose’ of the destruction of America’s 1st Amendment. Our “Right to Free Speech”. Please excuse a very brief ad. It is very important to see this video.

Stop all of this right now, or say goodbye to America!

Vote for honest and principled conservatives.

Wake-Up America!

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