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Goodbye America!

August 13, 2015

Goodbye America!

42.1 Million illegal + legal immigrants are in America and lots-more Mexican Illegals are flooding in!

Where are the protesting mass-marches on Washington?!

Where are the calls for the impeachment of President Obama?!

Where is the groundswell of populous rebellion?!

Why are we all watching America commit cultural suicide…and doing absolutely nothing?!

Is this no longer a government of the people, for the people and by the people?

Hell no, it is not. It is a Marxist revolution designed to destroy America without a shot-fired (other than by criminal illegal aliens, along with their high number of rapes, murders and deadly DUI’s mixed-in to the disaster); and it is all working perfectly. America is a now a rapidly dying culture, right  before our eyes.

When viewing the actions of the Marxist and Radical Islamic-sympathizing Obama administration; all of this, and more, is a successful plan for the of assassination of America.

When viewing America’s citizens’ lethargy (on this and other culturally suicidal matters) it becomes a case of mindless-denial and a fugue-like participation in the man-slaughter, the second degree murder, or perhaps the stuporous euthaization of their own socioculture.

The psychological term Fugue refers to a condition in which individuals abandon their personal identity in the absence of any clear identifiable causes.

Whatever it is, it represents an amazing example of sociocultural psychopathology on a grand pandemic scale.

We Americans absolutely must stop our suicidal immigration policies now. 

If we do not, we will no longer be–nor do we deserve to be–that historical Super-Culture of liberty and opportunity that so many of our citizens have fought to preserve and were maimed or killed in the process.

We had better pray that it is not already too late, or it will be an ignominious end to America and another historical example of cultural death through “Conquest by Immigration”.

Here are the fearsome data on America’s Cultural demise.

The truth may set  us free, but first it will make us miserable.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D.


P.S., I do not “hate” Mexicans. In fact, one has joined my family and I have a deep admiration, respect and fondness for him. But, you can damn-well believe I hate America’s purposefully self-inflicted Marxist/radical Islamic-favoring suicidal politics.

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