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“Could It Possibly Get Any Worse?” You Better Believe It!

October 21, 2014

“Could It Possibly Get Any Worse?” You Better Believe It!

Thanks to Lee Hornack for sending me this article.

I invite you to be thinking about what Roger Simon, the author of this article, may have missed in his listing of things that are part of what could possibly get worse.

For my part, having read about much of recorded history, much could certainly get worse…to levels unimaginable to most folks living in modern America. However, let’s play the game!

To do so, simply list some of the things that have happened under the Obama Administration, and in recent history, that Mr. Simon may have missed. I hope you will make you list and send it to me via my comments section. I will be happy to compile them and publish them in a future blog.

Could It Possibly Get Any Worse?

By Roger Simon
October 15th, 2014

Let’s review:

The stock market is in free fall.

The Islamic State is on the brink of taking Baghdad and Kobani.

The Ebola crisis is spreading and seems on the verge of becoming a pandemic while the CDC is being unmasked as incompetent.

The Iran talks are a charade and everyone expects that country to get the bomb.

Our vaunted college campuses are transfixed by so-called micro-agressions and a supposed rape epidemic while banning the likes of Ayaan Hirsi Ali and George Will (!) from speaking — and they still cost nearly $70,000 a year.

Our putative ally Turkey — you know, those guys who mass murdered the Armenians but never recanted and have a president who thinks democracy is just a pit stop on the way to totalitarianism, but are still “treasured” members of NATO — are not helping the “coalition” but instead bombing the Kurds, virtually the only good guys in the neighborhood.

Donor nations — including the ever popular Qatar — are giving over 5 billion dollars to rebuild Gaza with no discernible penalties for Hamas and virtually no way of preventing the terror organization from rearming (they have already started) and reconstructing their tunnel system under Israel. Meanwhile, the UK, UN, Sweden and nearly everybody else are blaming the Jewish state for practically everything, with anti-Semitism more prevalent almost everywhere than since the 1930s.

Putin has already taken a good swathe of Ukraine, including Crimea, and is licking his chops for the rest of Eastern Europe. The Soviet Union is back and China is on the rise.

Europe is on the verge of recession. Even Germany appears to be stagnating.
The U.S. has its lowest labor participation rate since women went to work. The middle class is consistently losing ground.

Race relations in the U.S. seem to have gone backwards fifty years in the last six, African Americans overwhelmed with victimology and picking on cops before there is any evidence. Critics of the president are constantly accused of racism.

Seventy percent of black children are born out of wedlock.

No one trusts the word of the president because he has lied so frequently about everything from health care to Benghazi.

The highly-politicized attorney general has stepped down with an even worse successor in the wings (Tom Perez).

The U.S. Army is falling apart with only 12 of 37 brigades combat ready. Our Navy is disappearing.

Al Qaeda is NOT on the run. Just the opposite — it’s everywhere. The Taliban are getting Afghanistan back, maybe Pakistan too.

No one knows how many terrorists have already crossed our border, what passports they have and what they are planning to do.

Our prisons have become training camps for jihadists.

And with all this, our secretary of State — who has no scientific expertise whatsoever but does speak mediocre French — thinks “global warming” is our biggest problem.

There’s a lot more. I know I’ve forgotten a ton. The mind simply boggles when trying to recall all of it. (What about Assad and the “red line?” etc., etc.).

Please feel free to add yours at the bottom.

But remember this. It’s not all bad. At least Valerie Jarrett isn’t running for president in 2016….Or is she?

This is the end of Mr. Simon’s article.

I will add a few of my own reasons why things will get worse and invite you to do the same.

Understand that while the current political picture in America is an abomination and while geopolitical events threaten to erupt into world chaos, since around 1960 the quality of America’s citizen’s behavior has been spiraling downward. That is not to say that there are no wonderful people in America…there are indeed: Just not as many as there once were and as many needed to avoid a catastrophic decline. Their proportions are shrinking because America has been damaging increasing proportions of its children for decades…therefore America’s adult population is suffering a loss of quality in its behavior patterns over time.

There is much more that I could list, but I will leave some room for you to add your own reasons why things “Could Possibly Get Worse”.

America is not in a dramatic decline because of outside influences. It is in decline because of the radical liberal/progressive cultural rule changes that we have chosen to implement. These rule changes have been increasingly damaging the quality of our children’s behavior for decades. It is this that has produced today’s feckless and unprincipled leaders who now accelerate America’s tragic decline.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, Ph.D., 10/20/14



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