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The Nature of American Conservatism #4

October 30, 2015

The Nature of American Conservatism #4

This series of blogs is based upon William Bennett and John Cribb’s new book, America the Strong: Conservative Ideas to Spark the Next Generation.

They suggest that the key features of Conservatism are easily remembered using the acronym “FLINT”. This word stands for:

F=Free Enterprise

L=Limited Government

I=Individual Liberty

N=National Defense

T=Traditional Values

“I” stands for individual liberty, one of the main and defining features of the United States of America.

Many of today’s American youth appear to think in shallow ways about their own “personal freedom”. From all that I can tell, in their lexicon, freedom simply means their own ability to do whatever they want to do, when they want to do it and as often as they want to do it.

What they fail to understand is that they will never be free from the consequences of their actions; to themselves, their loved ones, or to the historically robust (but now fragile) socioculture in which they live.

Judging from various interviews of America’s college students and young adults, easily viewed on the internet and in other media, freedom to a growing percent of our youth is hedonistic or libertine in nature. They revel in legalized or illegal drugs (marijuana and more), alcohol abuse, profanity, pornography, gambling, nudity, infidelity in relationships, free sex, free birth control, free college and free medicine, etc.. In other words…freedom from all restraints upon their behaviors and expected freedom from personal responsibility.

Of course, there are those who sneer at such characterizations of America’s youth, noting that similar statements were made about “the youth” in other formerly great ancient civilizations. This is to imply that old fuddy-duddys have always grumbled about the care-free activities of the youthful.

However, my studies inform me the failure to acculturate its youth is powerful symptom of sociocultures in decline.

In America the traditional concept of individual liberty was, and still should be, a far more mature, nuanced, and self-restrained conception of ” personal freedom”.

The liberties, guaranteed by our Constitution are freedoms from  governmental control of certain citizen’s and State’s actions and abilities, judged essential by our Founders to the common good of our society. More specifically, those behavioral freedoms that tend to promote economic growth, mental/behavioral/emotional health and productivity, the democratic processes, and the viability and survival of our great Union of States.

It is important to review these guaranteed rights which were enumerated in our Constitution’s Bill of Rights ratified by our Founding Fathers. There are only 10 listed, but these and all other protected freedoms within the Constitution were considered to be precious gifts bestowed upon all people by God.

These rights have little to do with the popular conception of “personal freedom”…or the right to “do whatever one wishes to do”.

See for yourself.

Outside of the laws-of-the-land (predicated largely upon God’s Natural Laws), the matter of personal social conduct was left to the influence of the morals and values (also mores and folkways) of families, towns and regions.

America is facing many major problems at this time. For now, I will restrict my concerns to only two. Both relate directly to Liberty in America.

First, our Constitutional Republic cannot stand without our Government’s conformity to our Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

James Madison warned us:

“‘I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power, than by violent and sudden usurptations,'”  (Kindle Loc. 1531).

Over the last hundred years, and more, the Federal government has gained increasing control over State’s Rights and our individual liberties. This process has accelerated greatly with the growth of our socialist/progressive Federal government. This trend has culminated in the current Obama administration’s admitted and obvious dedication to the deconstruction of America’s Constitutional government.

Secondly, beneath these dangers to the existence of a healthy and viable America lies the tragic loss of our moral and ethical personal restraints. These personal restraints were based upon the Natural Laws that have traditionally been codified and taught to us by America’s religious institutions an woven deeply into our social and political fabric. These are the natural personal self-restraints essential to the survival of any democracy-based Representative Constitutional Republic.

Not only has the modern American Federal Government incrementally infringed upon our personal liberties, it has perpetrated a great fraud upon us with its recent “discovery” of the principle of “Separation of Church and State”. With this our government has destroyed the main source of our moral virtues, driven religious influences out of our public places and institutions and catalyzed the rise of barbarous behavior among our youth. With each passing generation, the antisocial conduct problems within our population grows more devastating to America.

Without a voting citizenry guided by strong moral values, based upon ubiquitous religious influences, individual freedom inexorably devolves into licentiousness and social chaos and repression.

The increasingly powerful measures imposed by government to control its population’s escalating social pathologies then destroys the remaining personal freedoms in the name of their preservation.

When the religious/spiritual energy that originally gave rise to a flourishing society is governmentally persecuted and suppressed, or is weakened by other natural causes, historically the socioculture  falls into decline.

This reality hints at the “T”  among the main principles of Conservatism. I will soon blog more about this critical component of conservatism that made America Great: Traditional Values.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 10/30/15

P.S. The dastardly lie which is “Separation of Church and State”, has been perpetrated upon America by secular/progressive forces. This documented in numerous historical resources.  The following is only one of them. There is more to come on this topic later.


Benefits of America’s Bill of Rights–(Erratum!)

January 30, 2014

Benefits of America’s Bill of Rights–(Erratum!)

I apologize for accidental omissions at the beginning of my first attempt to post this blog.

The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights was designed to protect freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of the press. It also protects the freedom to assemble, to protest and to petition the government.

The Founding Fathers were also keenly aware of human’s moral and ethical fallibility. They knew that access to  power and wealth was a corrupting temptation that very few could resist. They knew, as B. F. Skinner and other behavioral psychologists have learned, that to establish healthy social relationships between people, as well as the those who govern and those who are governed, that control (influence by rule and consequences) must be reciprocal.

Because the Framers believed that self-protection was a God-given right, the Second Amendment was given the second highest position in the hierarchy of rights. They intended that the government was to be a government of the people and by the people and if the government were to devolve into tyranny, the people also had a God-given right to rise-up (under arms if necessary) and fashion a new government.

This ominous fact must be stated. But, do not think that I am advocating an armed over-throw of our government. I am certainly not. Not yet, anyway.

I still retain hope, though it is a fragile hope, that the recent tyrannical evolutions of America’s government can be reversed by an informed and motivated electorate. The Second Amendment protects the right of law-abiding citizens to bear arms. “ A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Yes, at the time of America’s Founding, people had a right to hunt and to protect themselves from criminals. But the overarching reason for the second amendment was to allow citizens to protect themselves from the government!

I have heard progressives argue that this reason for the 2nd amendment is outmoded because the State’s modern military weaponry can easily trump citizens armed with pistols and rifles. I would ask them to tell that to the North Vietnamese and the radical Islamic terrorists. Simply put, a large militia with small arms is able to wreak havoc on a superior force, and they can “repatriate” more effective arms from a superior force in many clever and devastating ways.

America’s Bill of rights, with its eight other Amendments are all dedicated to protecting citizens from aversive treatment by the government. In the 3rd Amendment, our military cannot commandeer your home unless prescribed by law; the 4th protects the right to privacy and security in our homes prohibiting search without warrant; the 5th establishes fair rules for indictment, eminent domain, due process, self-incrimination and double jeopardy; the 6th grantees the right to a speedy public trial by jury, representation, and more; the 7th, grantees the right to trial by jury in civil cases according to common low; the 8th prohibits excessive fines, excessive bail, or cruel and unusual punishment; the 9th protects the rights of States that are not enumerated in constitution; and 10th  limits powers of Federal Government over he States to only those delegated to it by constitution.

The complete list of 27 Amendments are too lengthy to examine here, but suffice it to say, with exception of the 21st , which was prohibition,  most our constitutional Amendments  were designed to protect citizens from unfair and abusive treatment by the government.

Again, a great deal of psychological research underscores the wisdom of greatly limiting the unfair, abusive i.e., aversive treatment of others (in this case citizens by their government). Research and history clearly show that such aversive treatment of people tends to elicit or occasion aggression within the population, efforts to escape the socioculture, and often citizen uprisings and revolutionary attacks upon the tyrannical government.

America also adopted Capitalism which is a free market economic system, along with property rights, copy rights, patents and a legal system to protect and preserve these essential features of its socioculture. In capitalism, hard work, ingenuity, inventiveness, reasonable knowledge-based risk taking, business ventures, hiring others, making money, saving, and investing in market enterprises are all encouraged.

In all of this, success is positively reinforced (rewarded) with material consequences. Social rewards normally also follow economic success, such as notoriety and probable upward social mobility. Because of these rules and rewarding consequences for success in America’s economic system, citizens have been highly motivated to work, improve themselves, create, invent and manufacture goods and services at a higher rate of occurrence than among sociocultures who do not arrange free market rewards to follow such behaviors. Economically, capitalism outperforms socialistic and  communistic economies because the rules and contingencies of positive reinforcement for productivity are far superior.

The free market automatically produces goods and services in the quantities needed and distributes them to the areas and people who need them, without central governmental planning. This is where the free market whips  governmentally managed markets every time.

Bureaucracies, and especially very large bureaucracies, are universally inefficient and they are profoundly incapable of making the millions of decisions about production, marketing, distribution and pricing that are made with amazing speed and efficiency by the free market. There is no contest between government-run national markets and free markets run by the self-interest of millions of entrepreneurs and buyers in accordance with reasonable governmentally maintained, commerce-friendly rules for ethical conduct. 

In recent years, socialist/communist/Statist operatives have sought to change our Constitution, or devise ways to circumvent its rules for governmental conduct.

These individuals must be stopped by an informed and highly motivated voting citizenry. To fail in this will lead to America’s continuing decline and almost certain citzen’s insurrection.

VTM, 1/28/14

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