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Laugh Therapy with Dr. Tom #2

May 22, 2018

Laugh Therapy with Dr. Tom #2




Rick McKee · May. 16, 2018
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Tell Me What You Think

November 1, 2009

Tell Me What You Think

Many thanks to Vic Palenske for sending this Russian Pravda article to me. His remark was, “this will scare the hell out of ya!”

Well it is frightening to contemplate. This article predicts the death of Capitalism, and by implication the decline of our socioculture. Of course, such things are hard to predict. And, such things are not pleasant to contemplate.

But, please “add up” the following:

  • The international weakness of the dollar.
  • International talk of replacing the dollar as the international monetary standard.
  • Our gigantic and rapidly growing National deficit.
  • Our constant borrowing from China and other nations who are hostile to us and our way of life.
  • Our strained military (spread thin and fighting a war on at least two fronts against an unidentifiable enemy).
  • Our government funding trillion dollar socialism projects with money it does not have.
  • Our Government centralizing its control of our behavior in every way it can (as fast as it can), ignoring States Rights as set forth in our Consitution.
  • Our Government surrendering portions of our sovereignty as it seeks to join forces with a  World Government.
  • Our open borders and uncontrolled immigration.
  • The continued weakening of the quality of our populations  behavior due to our failure to educate and acculturate our children effectively.

There is more to add to this list, much more. However, this will do to make my point. Why don’t you add all of this up and tell me what you think the sum of it all portends for America’s future .

A writer for the Russian news paper, Pravda, has done just that. Please read this article and tell me what you think.

V. Thomas Mawhinney, 11/1/09

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